How can you help her reach her full potential?

Holstein cow and newborn calf

She’s here. Your next generation of cattle has entered the world. It took careful, strategic planning, the right genetics and mindful husbandry to get to this point. Now more than ever is the time to be proactive and ensure your newborn calf – and her dam – are receiving the quality preventive care they deserve to reach their full potential.

Caring for your herd’s next generation

You want healthy, growing animals that will be lifelong herd members – and it doesn’t stop at genetics. While strategically breeding for the next generation is critical, it’s just as important to ensure you are being proactive with her health.

Is she getting the best colostrum possible that includes all of the bioactive factors to stimulate brown fat metabolism and thermoregulation, as well as development of her gastrointestinal tract? 

Does she have enough healthy gut bacteria to help her combat harmful bacteria she might ingest in the first hours of life?

These are all important questions that – if addressed before the issue occurs – can have a significant impact on her health and your bottom line. Get ahead of potential risks by investing in quality preventive herd care products; products that get them off to the right start and help them reach their full potential to remain healthy, productive and growing.

Continue quality care through all stages

While you are caring for your newest members of your herd, we can’t forget about the one who helped get her here: her dam. She’s more than a number. She’s your livelihood, and her health is a critical part of the equation.

From pregnancy, transition, lactation and dry off, her health in each stage is equally important. She needs dynamic, preventive herd care solutions to support her through these critical life events. After all, she works hard to carry your next generation and become a successful member of the milking herd. It’s our duty to keep her protected with proper calcium supplementation, hydration, rumen health and udder care.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Be proactive with her health – because prevention today means a productive tomorrow.

Farmer-tested, farmer-approved herd care solutions

The future of your herd depends on the care given today. At GENEX, we have carefully crafted and selected products that give them the best start possible and enable them to become successful, productive members of your herd.

You invested in the right genetics. Now help them reach their full potential to remain healthy, productive and growing – for this generation and the next. Rely on the GENEX Herd Care Line today, for their tomorrow.

Invest in their health with just a few clicks.

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