GENEX HerdMonitor® lays the foundation to a successful tomorrow by bringing you real-time solutions today. With 24/7 monitoring, including identification, rumination, fertility detection, and cow positioning options, HerdMonitor® takes your management to the next level. 

Technology for her future and yours.

The HerdMonitor® system includes customized options for smart and durable neck tags with varied capabilities based on your farm’s needs.

HerdMonitor necktag for cows

Flexibility to fit any farm

HerdMonitor® is highly flexible and designed to fit any farm type and size. It’s easy to install, scalable and flexible to expand with your other automation solutions. Plus, it operates locally on your farm and is cloud-based. Access via web browser; no need to install software or applications on your devices!

Unmatched monitoring features and management tools in a highly advanced, yet easy to use system.


Proven electronic ISO compliant cow identification in all your automated systems such as milking, feeding and sorting & routing equipment.

Heat Detection

Highly accurate heat detection with advice for the optimal insemination moment, as well as reproduction insights.

Health Monitoring

Individual health management for early detection of health issues and intensive monitoring of transition cows and post-treatment recovery.

Herd Performance Trends

Chart the behavior patterns of your herd, and receive alerts when patterns change.

Cow Positioning

Locate cows needing attention or treatment quickly and easily. See and follow their real-time position on your barn map.

Integration and Connection

With advanced integration, you can easily connect the HerdMonitor® system to your farm’s automation systems and dairy management program.


All team members have access to real-time and relevant insights fitting everyone’s needs.

Accessible Anytime. Any Place.

HerdMonitor® allows for simple on-farm integration into your existing herd management system. With flexible reporting and alerts, access your farm’s data on a computer, tablet or mobile phone. Plus, it easily connects to your herd management system.


The HerdMonitor® SmartTag records the behavior and movements of an individual cow.


The cow data continually flows from the SmartTag to the antenna. The antenna has a range spanning nearly 500 feet.

Processing Unit

A processing unit receives the data from the antenna and turns it into actionable insight for you and your team to make cow management decisions.

Web-Based Interface

The data on individual cows and the whole herd are accessible anytime, anyplace. 

Enhancing repro and animal health

Watch this video as GENEX member Don Taber shares the story of his operation and how the GENEX HerdMonitor® system has helped to improve both heat detection and animal health monitoring.

Focused on the future

At GENEX, we provide new technologies like the HerdMonitor® system to position you, your herd and your next generation for the future. 

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