Genetics today for the generations of tomorrow

Welcome to your online source for the April 2022 dairy genetic evaluations! Here, you will be able to browse the latest genetic guides and sire catalogs, as soon as they become available. For complete genetic evaluations and the ability to search, sort and filter sires by genetic levels, download the GENEX Dairy Bull Search App on your Apple, Android or Windows device. 

The next official sire summary will be August 9, 2022.

Genetics to build your future on

As you choose bulls to sire the next generation of your herd, explore GENEX ICC™. This modern genetic index is crafted with careful consideration for farm-level economic impact and genetic response.

ICC™ empowers tomorrow’s cows to perform through balanced selection for efficient production, sustainability and fertility.

By selecting on ICC™, you are creating a feed efficient and sustainable cow that calves easily and transitions seamlessly. It’s the kind of cow that goes unnoticed, that works hard day in and day out, lactation after lactation. It’s the kind of cow that makes dairy farming enjoyable.