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Welcome to your online source for the August 2022 dairy genetic evaluations! Here, you will be able to browse the latest genetic guides and sire catalogs, as soon as they become available. For complete genetic evaluations and the ability to search, sort and filter sires by genetic levels, download the GENEX Dairy Bull Search App on your Apple, Android or Windows device. 

Make Milking More Efficient

Regardless of your herd size or breed, making milking more efficient is the goal. How can you do that? By creating a cow that is structurally easier to milk. In April 2022, we released RobotX values for all GENEX Holstein and Jersey sires. This composite focuses on milking-ready genetics, suitable for robotic milking set-ups and milking systems of all types.

Backed by research, genetic selection incorporating RobotX values can help you create a next generation that excels in traits that are critical for easy and efficient milking.