2022 GENEX Collegiate Scholarship recipients announced

scholarship winners

With a commitment to future generations, each year GENEX awards scholarships to students who are pursuing degrees in agriculture and are actively involved on a GENEX cooperative member’s farm or ranch.

The 2022 recipients of the $1,000 GENEX Collegiate Scholarships show drive, dedication and, most importantly, passion for agriculture. They are leaders in their schools and their communities and are very involved in 4-H, FFA and much more. When asked what lessons they learned from their involvement in agriculture, here is what they had to say.

Tim Ally, Friona, Texas

Texas Tech University, Ag Business
Career Goal: Own and manage a dairy
GENEX Member: Optima Dairy

“Agriculture is the air I breathe! Whether I’m at home, at school or at work – I’m involved in agriculture. Through agriculture, I have learned how to make things better and more efficient. I have learned teamwork and cooperation, and I have learned hard work pays off and to have pride in a job well-done. Agriculture has brought together my family, my friends, and my neighbors.”

Amber Fietzer, Manawa, Wisconsin

Concordia University-Wisconsin, Biomedical Sciences
Career Goal: Geneticist
GENEX Member: Fietzer Dairy Farms, Inc.

“Not everyone in this world is cut out for early morning, late nights, things always breaking, problems to solve and not receiving praise from others. However, people in agriculture take these things in stride. They proudly but humbly work to feed our world, and they gently yet urgently teach and inform the public about agriculture and how they can get involved.”

Tyler Bohnert, East Moline, Illinois

University of Wisconsin-Platteville, Ag Business
Career Goal: Dairy Farmer
GENEX Member: Bohnert Jerseys

“Agriculture has taught me the world is far bigger than myself. It has taught me to rise early, put the focus on caring for cattle and crops first, help a neighbor out and park the tractor to volunteer in town or on a school board. Agriculture is ultimately the person I strive to be and for that, I’m not only thankful, but also blessed.”

Courtney Glenna, Amery, Wisconsin

University of Wisconsin-River Falls, Dairy Science
Career Goal: Dairy genetics/reproduction
GENEX Member: Glenna Dairy

“Many of my lessons are from my time on the farm and through my parents. The first being hard work and dedication. The cows’ contentment and welfare relies on us, which taught me not to measure my day in hours but in getting the job done. I’m sure there is no better way to learn teamwork and cooperation than working on a farm, with animals, with your family.”

Alicia Easterday, Buhl, Idaho

University of Idaho, Animal & Vet Science: Dairy Science
Career Goal: Dairy Nutritionist
GENEX Member: White Harvest Farms LLC

“Ag is a lifestyle for me. Everything my family does is either for each other, for our cows or advocation for the dairy industry. I have learned problem-solving skills, dedication, determination, how to work hard as well as many other life lessons. I am in love with the dairy lifestyle and industry. As long as cows are part of my life, I will be content.”

Jayce Reed, Albia, Iowa

Iowa State University, Ag Business
Career Goal: Financial ag-based business with small herd of animals
GENEX Member: Bryan Reed

“Agriculture is the core of hard-working citizens. The agriculture industry has taught me life skills and lessons I will use in my future career and beyond. I learned responsibility when caring for livestock, problem-solving skills when encountering issues and determination as I work year-round to produce the best quality animals I can.”

You could be a GENEX Collegiate Scholarship recipient ...

If you plan to attend a 4-year college/university or 2-year technical college in fall 2023, you may be eligible to apply for the Collegiate Scholarship during the next application period! The application process will open in early 2023.

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