With your eye on the future, you choose to use the best genetics. It’s genetics that will create your efficient, sustainable and fertile cow of tomorrow. It’s genetics that will help craft your dairy’s legacy for generations to come. Now, with the GENEX VIP Genetics program, we’re giving you access to the most elite genetics sooner so you can fast-forward genetic progress in your herd.

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Getting you the best genetics faster!

The GENEX VIP Genetics program triggers faster genetic progress for you and your herd. By enrolling in this program, you receive priority access to the newest and most elite dairy genetics. In other words, enrollees gain insider access to the best Holstein and Jersey genetics before the sires join the active GENEX lineup. Available to GENEX USA cooperative members and GENEX Canada customers in good standing, this is your opportunity to fast-forward genetic progress in your herd!

Easy as 1-2-3

Work with your GENEX representative

As you develop your genetic game plan, your GENEX representative is with you every step of the way. We have the tools to help you develop a breeding strategy that builds for the future you envision.

Sign a contract

The GENEX VIP Genetics program is a contract-based program that provides you with the highest priority access to the newest and most elite dairy genetics.

Choose from elite VIP sires

After you sign up, we will communicate with you via email when new and elite early release sires have been added to the program, so you can place your order.

To enroll in the GENEX VIP Genetics program, contact your local GENEX representative or email [email protected].

VIP Genetics Sires


Short NameICCSemen TypeMonth Enrolled




Conventional & GenChoice™ sexed semen

August 2023




Conventional & GenChoice™ sexed semen

December 2023




Conventional semen

April 2024




Conventional semen

April 2024




Conventional semen

April 2024




Conventional & GenChoice™ sexed semen

April 2023




Conventional & GenChoice™ sexed semen

December 2023


ARMO {6}


Conventional & GenChoice™ sexed semen

April 2024




Conventional & GenChoice™ sexed semen

April 2024

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read the following to learn more about the GENEX VIP Genetics program. If you have additional questions, email [email protected].

What breeds are offered in the GENEX VIP Genetics program?

We offer elite Holstein and Jersey sires. Depending on availability, both breeds may not always be represented in the program.

Why does GENEX require a contract for this program?

The VIP Genetics program provides you with priority access to bulls that we expect to be high impact sires. Normally the A.I. industry would designate these sires as “mating sires,” meaning semen from these bulls would experience a long delay before commercial availability. A contract agreement enables us to release semen to you much sooner with clear terms and conditions for all parties.

What can I expect from enrollment in the VIP Genetics program?

Within the GENEX VIP program, we commit to giving program participants the highest priority when allocating semen from these elite sires. However, we cannot assure the timeliness of fulfilling orders placed through the program, as product inventory and availability cannot be guaranteed. Furthermore, GENEX outlines its commitment should the organization choose to exercise the option to purchase any progeny in accordance with the terms and conditions as defined in the GENEX VIP program agreement.

Which sires are designated to GENEX VIP? Where can I find this information?

We will routinely designate sires to the GENEX VIP Genetics program. These sires will be marketed in the USA and Canada, under the terms and conditions of the contract, to those enrolled in the program. When new sires are added to the program, we will update the sire listing at www.genex.coop/vip and share the update with program enrollees via email.

What restrictions will be set on the offspring or embryos produced from GENEX VIP sires?

All restrictions agreed upon regarding GENEX VIP offspring or embryos are detailed in the GENEX VIP agreement. If you have further questions, please contact our program administrator by emailing [email protected].

If I am enrolled in the program, am I guaranteed semen on the sires I want?

Semen on bulls designated as GENEX VIP sires can only be purchased if you have a signed agreement and are in good standing with GENEX. A signed agreement does not guarantee availability of GENEX VIP sires. We cannot guarantee production levels and production consistency. However, your signed agreement grants you the highest priority to receive the semen that is available, and you will be notified of any production or supply issues that prevent an order from being fulfilled.

What is the duration of the GENEX VIP program agreement?

The GENEX VIP agreement is renewable every two years. However, any resulting offspring or embryos from GENEX VIP sires are subject to the terms outlined in the agreement in place when the semen was purchased.

How much will I pay per unit of semen?

The price of all GENEX VIP sires depends on the availability and demand for their genetics. Please speak with your GENEX representative or email [email protected] regarding standard pricing information.

How do I enroll?

To enroll, you must be a GENEX USA cooperative member or GENEX Canada customer in good standing. If so, you may begin the enrollment process by submitting a request for an agreement to [email protected].

How will I get the semen?

You will be notified by a GENEX representative when your order will be filled. All semen must be shipped directly from a GENEX distribution center to the dairy that has signed the agreement and placed the order. A delivery notice from the third-party delivery service will constitute validation that the semen purchased was delivered to you.

Fast-forward genetic progress in your herd with GENEX VIP genetics.