Your Cooperative

GENEX celebrates a cooperative business culture. In many ways a cooperative is like any other business, but in several important ways it’s unique and different.

A cooperative belongs to the people who use it –  YOU, our dairy and beef cattle producer members! This means both you and GENEX employees have a vested interest in the success of this organization.

Learn more about GENEX membership and your co-opportunities below.

Common Questions

  » Voting privileges and a voice in the governance of the cooperative.
  » Invited to annual member appreciation meetings and events.
  » Earning equity in the cooperative.
  » Opportunity to become a delegate or council member.
  » And more!

  » Purchase $500 of semen, products and/or services in a 12-month period (May 1 to April 30) and submit a membership form.
  » Or, sign up for a one-year membership by:
        – purchasing at least $200 in eligible products and services
        – submitting a membership form
        – submitting a membership exception form (available from customer service at 888.333.1783)

As a GENEX member, you can earn equity or patronage, which is distributed in proportion to your semen, product and service purchases (the greater the amount purchased, the greater the equity earned). Each year the cooperative’s tax position and cash standing are reviewed to determine if equity will be revolved. Equity may be paid in cash or as a credit to the member’s account, or it may be retained by GENEX for a period of time to finance operations.

All GENEX members are invited to one meeting or event each year. This meeting or event is the cooperative’s chance to thank you for your involvement.

Annually, you elect a delegate to represent your membership district. Each delegate then attends a fall input meeting and the annual meeting where they meet face‑to-face with senior management, review cooperative operations, and provide valuable input on co-op and industry topics. At the annual meeting, your elected delegate also elects a council member to represent the membership region. Therefore, your opinions are brought to the governing council by the elected delegate for your district.

Becoming a delegate is the chance for you – a progressive, business-minded and loyal member – to increase your involvement and help shape the future of your cooperative. As a delegate you meet face‑to-face with senior management twice a year to review co-op operations and provide valuable input on co-op and industry topics. It’s that easy, yet it’s a vital component of GENEX as a cooperative.

Delegates are elected annually and serve a one-year term. Each year in June, GENEX members receive a mailing with information on how to express their interest in becoming a delegate. Ballots are then distributed for the delegate election process. 

If you are interested in further information about becoming a delegate, contact Terri Dallas, Vice President of Member Relations at [email protected] or by calling 888.333.1783.