Calf Care Products

Caring for your herd's
next generation

Quality care is important, increasingly so when it is setting the foundation for the rest of their lives. You want healthy, growing animals that will be lifelong herd members, and we have just the herd care products to get them there.
At GENEX, we have carefully crafted and selected products that give them the best start possible and enable them to become successful, productive members of your herd.

The future of tomorrow
depends on the care given today.

That’s why we want to work alongside you to give your genetic investments the care and attention they deserve from the moment they hit the ground. From quality colostrum to jumpstarting gut health to proper hydration, we have just the herd care products to use today, for their tomorrow.
SCCL Natural Bovine Colostrum
Foundation™ 150 Natural Bovine Colostrum
RumiLife® Pop™ & PopPlus™ Direct-Fed Microbials
ReMoov™ Horn Paste
LifeJacket™ Calf Coats
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