Ideal Genetics for
Modern Dairies

Efficient and balanced production. Healthy cows that stay out of the sick pen. Cows that breed back quickly and are the right size for your facilities. That’s the performance you expect from GENEX dairy genetics. That’s ideal genetics for today’s modern dairies. Yet, the value of GENEX goes beyond simply providing genetics.

Photo of Cattle in Farm

GENEX is your source for advanced reproductive solutions, strategic breeding programs, herd care products and more. Through customizable programs and consultation, we deliver value and convenience to help you make your farm more efficient, profitable and successful. When partnering with GENEX, you won’t be the same, you’ll be better for the long term.

We are focused on helping you achieve your goals with progressive genetics for the future. Our exclusive ICC™ index, developed back in 2014 and enhanced since, is the ultimate selection tool for producing problem-free, high-profit animals for your modern dairy operation. Unique among indexes, its sub-index design enables you to further target genetic selection to specific areas of herd management. With the ICC™ index, it’s never been easier to reach your genetic goals.

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