Cow Sense & Science

Each new generation of calves is your future. In your lifetime, you will influence about 10 generations. That’s a big responsibility, and GENEX is here to help you make each generation a success through a combination of Cow Sense & Science and chute-side reproductive service.

At GENEX, we believe creating a successful next generation means not simply choosing the most popular bull in the lineup but identifying the very best fit for your herd. It’s about first considering the genetic makeup of your cowherd and your goals for the future, and then using a combination Cow Sense & Science (phenotype, genotype, genomics and performance) to make the most informed mating decision. And, we’re here – by your side – to help you through this process.

A successful calf crop and future is also the result of a successful reproductive program. While the logistics and planning required for an artificial insemination (A.I.) breeding project can seem overwhelming, with GENEX chute-side service we make it easy. We have the team in place to help you turn frozen semen into solutions.

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