Genetics for the Generations
of Tomorrow

From the moment the sun first peeks over the horizon until long after it has set you are called upon to be a CEO, accountant, mechanic, scientist and most importantly a caretaker. 

You take your role in raising healthy, nutritious beef to feed the world seriously. As a rancher and caregiver, your actions and decisions today are the groundwork for the generations of tomorrow.

Today, breeding the next generation of profitable cattle requires you to use all of the tools available to the modern cattleman – from data-based tools like genetic evaluations and genomic predictions to those phenotypic characteristics that require evaluation by the stockman’s skilled eye. It’s all about combining Cow Sense & Science to determine a bull’s real-world worthiness and drive your breeding program to long-term success.

Cow Sense

  • Appreciating good cattle for their phenotype
  • Evaluating performance under real-world conditions against their contemporaries
  • Seeking confirmation, docility and overall health
  • Selecting for hard to measure traits, such as feet and leg structure, body capacity and evaluation of the dam's feet and udder quality

& Science

  • Selecting balanced EPD profiles that will help you achieve your goals whether you sell you calves by the pound or on the rail
  • Data-backed technologies help to tell the story of an individual’s genetic potential that goes beyond what you can see and measure
  • Creating more pregnancies with GENEX PregCheck™ sire fertility rankings

Because the Whole is Greater Than the Parts

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