Beef Genetics for
the Generations
of Tomorrow

From the moment the sun first peeks over the horizon until long after it has set you are called upon to be a CEO, accountant, mechanic, scientist and most importantly a caretaker. You take your role in raising healthy, nutritious beef to feed the world seriously. As a rancher and caregiver, your actions and decisions today are the groundwork for the generations of tomorrow.

Today, breeding the next generation of profitable cattle requires you to use all of the tools available to the modern cattleman – from data-based tools like genetic evaluations and genomic predictions to those phenotypic characteristics that require evaluation by the stockman’s skilled eye. It’s all about combining Cow Sense & Science to determine a bull’s real-world worthiness and drive your breeding program to long-term success.

Blending generational wisdom and cutting-edge genetic tools to produce cattle with real-world worthiness.

Lay the foundation for the future
with cutting-edge genetics and quality calf care products

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A rancher's job is never done, but it can be easier

The GENEX Beef App provides you with the most up-to-date genetic information to help make your breeding decisions easier. Download the app to your Apple or Android device and use it to: