Your Ideal Index

Progressive Genetics for Today’s Modern Dairies

Producers requested a better way to rank sires that would create ideal cows for today’s modern dairy farms. In response, we developed the ICC$™ index for Holsteins (introduced in 2014) and added the ICC$™ index for Jerseys in 2017.

ICC$™ was created with a focus on feed efficiency, health, fertility and production. Therefore, when choosing the ICC$™ index as your selection tool, you can expect to create healthy and trouble-free moderately sized cows that breed on schedule, calve easily and produce milk efficiently – all qualities that are valued by today’s modern dairies and qualities that add to your bottom-line profitability.

While enhanced over time, this global index remains economic based, real-time and flexible. It utilizes data-driven genetic evaluations and research from multiple sources so you can capitalize on the genetic potential of your cows.

Multiple Sources

Data sources include the Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding (CDCB), Canadian Dairy Network (CDN) and the GENEX dairy research database.

Real-time and Flexible

Can be modified to reflect economic changes, to address emerging trends or to add new traits of economic impact.

Economic Based

Data and traits used are directly tied to economic impact on the farm.

Easy-to-use Sub-indexes

Sub-indexes enable you to narrow genetic emphasis to specific areas of farm management.

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