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The world is moving at a faster pace than ever before, and the dairy industry is no different. You have changed how you do things, and the technology needed to support how you do it in the future is here! The newest tool in your arsenal is GENEX DairySuite™ Precision Genetics.

This exciting new Herd Tech Line tool provides unrivaled and unmatched complete genetic planning for your herd’s future. With GENEX DairySuite™, we are ushering in a new – and more precise – era in genetic planning.

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Planning your path forward

When you sit down with your GENEX representative to plan your herd’s genetic future, you follow that tried-and-true process of evaluating your herd, determining where you want to be, and then selecting the best path – the best genetic strategy – to get you there.

However, when you incorporate GENEX DairySuite™ into the process, you will be harnessing all the data available today to make more precise breeding decisions for tomorrow.

Precision genetic planning with GENEX DairySuite™

Through the power of GENEX DairySuite™, your GENEX rep will:

Simply put, this all-in-one tool offers improved genetic precision. GENEX DairySuite™ makes the genetic planning process easier and more complete, so you can make smarter decisions for your herd and your future.

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Ask your GENEX representative about DairySuite™ today or click here to get started now.

Seamless integration
with your dairy’s data

In this new tool, we have chosen to work with the world’s top dairy management system. GENEX DairySuite™ interfaces with DairyComp and VAS Pulse Platform. This means the data used to form your genetic plan is up-to-date, real-time information.

GENEX DairySuite™ is one of newest, best-in-class integrations available through VAS Pulse Platform. Look for it today in the Integrations gallery.

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Technology and a team of experts

New tech creates new opportunities, and yet genetic precision does not come from technology alone. It is the result of a team of genetic and reproductive experts who take time to understand your goals and vision for the future and then apply technology – GENEX DairySuite™ Precision Genetics – to help you reach those goals.

At GENEX, we’re passionate about working alongside you to breed the cow of the future, one that will become more efficient and productive with every generation. We’re committed to technology that will bring out the best in your dairy and help you achieve greater genetic gain. Because, even with technology in hand, our focus remains steadfast on you, your herd and your future.

Ask your GENEX representative about DairySuite™ or click here to get started now.