For genetic Progress

Make Each Generation of Cattle Better Than the Previous One

Make each generation better – that’s your goal, because you know better genetics leads to a more efficient, more productive and more profitable herd. Here at GENEX, we have the tool to make mating your herd and meeting your genetic goals easy. That tool is the MAP+ program.

Flexibility for You

MAP+ offers flexibility, meaning no matter what your goals are and no matter where you are located around the globe this mating program has something for you. If you’re seeking a simple way to control inbreeding or more precise strategic mating including use of GenChoice™ sexed semen, conventional dairy semen and beef semen, then MAP+ has it handled. This program lets you incorporate your genetic goals to your mating formula.

Sorting Sophistication

With MAP+, you can sort mating sires using your specific criteria, including ICC$™, industry indexes, or a variety of traits. With customized female ranking options, selecting the right semen product for the right female is easy too.

One Program, Multiple Mating Options

Choose a mating option that makes the most sense for your herd, your goals and your farm protocols. Whether that’s pedigree mating, genomic mating, linear evaluation mating or BOLT (negative) matings, the MAP+ program has mating options that fit your individual situation.

Sort mating sires and females the way you want. Choose the mating option that works best for you with flexibility to meet your goals:

Ask your local GENEX representative or distributor for matings through the MAP+ program today. For more information, contact GENEX customer service at [email protected] or 888.333.1783.