Pickpocketing is preventable. Don’t be a victim.

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If you travel to an area where pickpocketing is prevalent, there are defensive measures you can take, like carrying your wallet in your front pocket or keeping your valuables in a good ol’ fanny pack. Similarly, there are measures you can take as a dairy producer to prevent being pickpocketed by real issues like hypocalcemia, unbalanced gut health and mastitis.

The good news is there are many ways to protect yourself from being pickpocketed by these profit thieves. Going on the defensive and implementing preventive measures is your best bet. So, what are some of your options?

Prevent hypocalcemia from robbing you

Average accepted numbers are $300 lost per case of clinical hypocalcemia and $150 per case of subclinical hypocalcemia. You know your herd and your prevalence rates; how much money is milk fever robbing you of each year?

To prevent hypocalcemia, you can provide proper diets to your dry and fresh cows, including DCAD diets. Taking it a step further, you can support fresh cows through their transition with calcium supplementation. Cows need extra calcium support for approximately 24 hours post-calving, and providing that support can make a big difference. A product like RumiLife® CAL24™ nutritional supplement can go a long way in protecting your pockets. In fact, a recent study conducted at a Texas dairy demonstrated an ROI of $4.29/$1 when providing RumiLife® CAL24™ to fresh cows (the figure below is based on U.S. market rates and prices). Plus, it provides full 24-hour calcium support with just two boluses administered after freshening. There is no need to come back later to administer a second bolus which saves you time and gives her the chance to rest and recover.

Watch out for these profit thieves too

Unbalanced gut health and mastitis can rob her ability to achieve a successful lactation, and they can rob your bottom line. Take preventive measures to ensure she’s supported – and your pockets are protected – through every transition of life.

The Thief:

Unbalanced gut health

How to Prevent ...

A direct-fed microbial that provides high-quality bacteria to help stabilize ruminal pH, enhance ruminal fermentation and nutrient absorption, and reduces digestive disorders.

The Thief:


How to Prevent ...

A teat sealant that aids in the prevention of new intramammary infections throughout the dry period by providing a barrier in the teat canal.

Don't be a victim of pickpocketing!

While there are many preventive options to protect yourself financially, the first step is to determine the biggest thief on your farm. From there, decide which approach will help best to protect your pockets. Your local GENEX representative will be happy to help you fight these profit-robbing thieves. Contact your representative today to discuss strategies and options.

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