How to make milking more efficient

Dairy cow being milked in a robotic milking system

Regardless of your herd size or breed, making milking more efficient is the goal. How can you do that? By creating a cow that is structurally easier to milk, and GENEX can help. 

In April 2022, we released RobotX values for all GENEX Holstein and Jersey sires. This composite focuses on milking-ready genetics, suitable for robotic milking set-ups and milking systems of all types.

Backed by research, genetic selection incorporating RobotX values can help you create a next generation that excels in traits that are critical for easy and efficient milking: ideal udder conformation, good feet and leg placement, optimal milking speed and a calm temperament. 

What traits are included in RobotX™?

While the RobotX™ formula varies slightly between Holsteins and Jerseys, the traits included within the composite are: Teat Length, Front Teat Placement, Rear Teat Placement Side View (Jersey only), Rear Teat Placement Rear View, Udder Depth, Udder Cleft, Milking Speed, Milking Temperament and Rear Legs Side View.  

Selecting for these traits collectively, by utilizing the RobotX values, makes genetic selection easy! It’s one easy-to-find value that leads to future generations of efficient and easy to milk cows. 

How do you interpret the RobotX™ values?

Just like the GENEX PregCheck™ fertility rankings, RobotX™ is set to a base of 100 with higher numbers being more desirable. In other words, 100 is average. Choosing sires with a value of 100 or greater will help you to create cows that are structurally and functionally easier to milk.  

Chart showing 100 as average, higher numbers above average.

Where can I find bull’s RobotX™ values?

The GENEX Dairy Bull Search app is your go-to source for genetic information (download the app now). Within the app, you can view an individual bull’s RobotX™ value on his Production Traits tab. You can also filter bulls by their RobotX™ value (see example below). 

Utilize the RobotX values today to ensure your herd’s future generations achieve a new level of milking efficiency with faster cow flow through the robot (or parlor) and less labor time spent on individual cows.  

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