GENEX employees honored with core values awards


Our core values are more than mere words. They drive and guide us. They describe the characteristics and personalities of our people on all sides of the globe. This is especially true of the people recognized below, our 2022 GENEX Core Values Award winners.

Our Values

We build a sustainable future for the next generation.

We do the right thing. No games. No politics.

It is not about me, it is about our organization.

We love what we do.

Nobody will outwork us, and we do what we say.

We want to be the best in everything we do.

We are member-owned and value grassroot input.

We are there for you.

Long-term partnerships built on trust and respect.

Bringing out the best in each other.

Each year, we recognize five outstanding GENEX team members who live out these core values every day, as they partner with you – progressive dairy and beef producers – to raise cattle for generations. The award winners are nominated by their peers and then selected by an outside panel of judges.

And now, we are proud to announce the 2022 GENEX Core Value Award winners:

Francisco “Chico” Aragão

Dairy Sales Manager, Brazil

Chico hails from a family of dairy farmers. He became a veterinarian, started working as a field technician and has now been in the genetics business for over 30 years. He was one of the founders of Genetica Advançada, which became CRI Genetica Brasil and is now known as GENEX Brasil. Throughout the years, he continues to learn and share his knowledge with the GENEX team and dairy customers throughout Brazil.

His peer, who nominated him for this award, states, “Chico is straightforward and plays by the book. For him, the company, the customers and the team come first. Chico is a great leader who values teamwork and is there working side by side with his team. He is engaged in generating value for our customers with a focus on the sustainability of farm business. He is always looking ahead for the next generation.”

David Ellis

Progressive Herd Consultant, United Kingdom

David is a consultant who works with progressive dairy herds throughout Europe and Asia. David’s knowledge, experience and attention to detail are second to none. He supplies dairies with detailed reports on numerous topics (mastitis, abortions, heat stress, milking routine optimization, teat necrosis, lameness and more), analyzes farm data, and provides recommendations. As a result, he has influenced the dry-off strategy on many farms, decreasing mastitis levels and cull rates in early lactation cows. His advice has also contributed to improved reproduction, enabling dairies he works with to be recognized with GENEX Excellence in Reproduction & Genetics awards. These are just two examples of the many ways he has impacted the progress and success of dairies throughout the region.

As his nominator describes, “People simply enjoy talking to David. They trust him and rely on his advice. They understand he is trying to help rather than find faults with their work, and they are ready and willing to fulfill his recommendations. He motivates them and makes them feel more enthusiastic about the work they do.

Roger Olson

Sales Export Coordinator, Wisconsin

For the past 22 years, Roger has coordinated the distribution of GENEX products and genetics to countries across the globe. While doing so, he has been the consummate teammate, always putting the well-being of the team first. His integrity is unquestioned, and he loves what he does. His work ethic is an example to all, as he is usually one of the first to arrive and one of the last to leave. Roger’s attention to detail is legendary. His reliability and passion for excellence in everything he touches is well known to staff and associates throughout the world.

A testament to his dedication, Roger has devoted considerable time to training our newest generation on navigating the current complex global shipping issues so our cooperative is prepared for the future. When he retires next June, we will miss his dry sense of humor, his calm, professional demeanor in stressful situations and his extensive knowledge and dedication to his craft, the organization and its objectives.

Matt Reints

Beef Territory Sales Manager, Texas

Matt has a passion for GENEX, cattle A.I., his team, his community and the future of the beef industry. As a sales manager in the southern and western U.S., Matt wakes up every day thinking about the members and customers he serves and asks himself, “How can GENEX add value to their operation today?”

His nominator explains that Matt is forward-thinking. “It’s not about today or tomorrow for Matt. It’s about future generations and the future of the cooperative. He is passionate about passing along his knowledge and making sure there is something for the next generation to carry on. He wants to make sure he has a strong relationship with his customers and that they know he’s in it with them for the long haul.”

Matt is always the first to volunteer for a new project, accepts new technologies and brings new ideas to the team. He promotes the cooperative and wears the GENEX logo on his head and his chest no matter what day it is or where he is going.

Kyle Westaby

Dairy Account Manager & Consultant, Wisconsin

Kyle’s actions exemplify the GENEX core values as he assists producers in continually improving their genetic and reproductive programs.

His nominator shares, “Kyle’s love of sustainable agricultural and dairy cattle care is evident in every conversation. Day in and day out, his focus is on the cooperative, our members and customers, and his teammates. He takes time to listen to the many voices that are involved in decision-making – both on farms and within GENEX – and provides valuable input.”

The nominator goes on to say, “Kyle is trusted by his teammates and members to work until the job is done, to do what he says he’s going to do, and to tell it like it is even when the situation requires a difficult conversation. His solution-focused outlook, excellence in data analysis and reporting, and dedication to teamwork have resulted in growth in his service area along with improved cow health and increased profitability on the farms he works with.”

Congratulations to these GENEX Core Values Award winners!

Thank you for your commitment to the cooperative and our members and customers around the globe.

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