Push™ Energy Paste for Calves Back by Popular Demand

Tube of Push calf energy paste ready to be given to a Holstein calf

GENEX has released Push™ Calf Energy Paste, an enhanced version of the previously-available calf paste that helps jumpstart calves and get them on their feet quickly. This new energy paste for calves is a carefully crafted blend of highly digestible proteins and energy components derived from bovine colostrum. Plus, compared to the previous version, it is now easier to dispense and reformulated to include caffeine for calves!

“We are incredibly excited to introduce this enhanced version of Push™ Calf Energy Paste,” states Huub te Plate, GENEX CEO.  “Members across the country loudly voiced their appreciation of how the original Push™ paste helped calves regain vitality following disease challenges and other periods of low energy. Now, by adding caffeine and making the product easier to dispense, this product will be even more effective in supporting calves and helping them reach their full genetic potential.”

An Energy Paste for Calves with Multiple Uses

Give Push™ Calf Energy Paste to your calves during situations such as …

white tubes of Push energy paste for calves

Push™ Paste Earns GENEX Member Approved Designation

This new calf energy paste is the first product to be given a stamp of approval by GENEX cooperative members. This means the product was evaluated and rated by GENEX cooperative members who have firsthand experience with it.

Cooperative members who recently used the product were asked to complete a survey rating the product based on their experience. Products or services that earn a favorable rating from >50% of members surveyed are deemed “Member Approved.” This distinction indicates the majority of the surveyed cooperative members gave it a positive rating. Products and services that are Member Approved are designated with a Member Approved icon (shown at right).

“We believe the member-approved process is a great way for members to share their voice and actively participate in shaping the products and services we provide,” explains te Plate. “By involving our members in the evaluation process, we ensure our products and services align with their needs and expectations. This a testament to our commitment to members, ensuring their voices are heard because we truly value their feedback.”

Push™ paste was evaluated on five categories – packaging, ease of use, effectiveness, protocol friendliness and value – with an overall rating of 4.4 out of 5.

For more information on Push™ Calf Energy Paste, contact your local GENEX representative or visit catalog.genex.coop.

Online shopping available in USA only.
For availability outside the USA, please contact your local GENEX representative.

*In this situation an electrolyte, such as RumiLife® Calf Electrolyte, that aids in controlling fluid balance should also be administered.

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