GENEX Celebrates Employee Excellence through Core Value Awards

Core Value Award Cover

Most companies have core values, but it’s their people who drive those values. And as a cooperative, we take our values to heart. We’re proud of our employees and distributors who live our values authentically, which is why each year we recognize five GENEX team members with our Core Value Awards.

Our 2023 GENEX Core Value Award winners each play a role in ensuring progressive dairy and beef cattle producers around the globe are successful for generations. It is their commitment and dedication to our members and customers that earned them this recognition, as they live out the values of stewardship, integrity, humility, passion, farmer’s spirit, excellence, cooperative, loyalty, reliability and teamwork.

Congratulations to the 2023 GENEX Core Value Award Winners

core value award winner Kim Egan

Kim Egan

Director of Strategic Accounts, Wisconsin

Kim came to GENEX after years of owning her own dairy farm, which gives her a unique perspective and the ability to empathize with the members and customers she serves. Her reliability and effort to improve the farms she works with stems from her passion for farming. Each day she works extremely hard to develop the next generation of those on the farm as well as those who work at GENEX. She sees opportunities for all to be successful and has a great ability to not only see what is in front of her but also what is possible.

“Kim’s ability to help farms is a joy to watch. I am in awe of her ability to see opportunities for improvement and growth and implement those plans to the benefit of farms,” shares Kim’s nominator. “Kim has been instrumental in educating members and employees on best practices. Her ability to lead with goals and right actions makes her a very special person.”

Core value award winner Mike Denton

Mike Denton

Territory Sales Manager, Texas

Mike has been with GENEX for 25 years and has demonstrated our core values each year. He is always concerned about doing the right thing – for GENEX and the producer. Mike has worked with the majority of his members and customers for years, many of whom have expressed how much they enjoy working with him. He takes time to ensure his customers feel valued, stays in constant communication with them and delivers what they need in a timely manner.

Mike’s nominator shares, “Mike is one of the most down-to-earth, GENEX-loving, farmer-spirited people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He is reliable, always answers his phone and does what he says he will – and he does it all with a smile on his face. Mike has taught me a great deal of information about the dairy industry – and life.”

Core value award winner Kristy Paiser

Kristy Paiser

Domestic Distribution Coordinator, Wisconsin

Kristy is not only employed by GENEX, but she is also a local dairy farmer which allows her to understand both the employee and customer lens. She focuses on teamwork, reliability and excellence each and every day. She is one of the first to arrive at work and one of the last to leave while having a smile on her face the whole time. Kristy brings out the best in others, and she truly cares about her work.

Her peer, who nominated her for this award, states, “It is beyond amazing the number of co-workers that look up to Kristy. She is highly respected, and this wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for the relationships she has built in her 30+ years at GENEX. Our field employees have all the trust in Kristy to get their shipments out the door in a reasonable timeframe, and they know Kristy will be able to help with any questions or concerns.”

Core value award winners Oksana and Vlad

Vlad Fychak & Oksana Trachenko

GENEX Distributors, Ukraine

The war in Ukraine is hard for any of us to imagine. Vlad and Oksana faced hardships none of us can fathom, yet they persevered. In fact, they not only persevered, but they helped those around them. They took care of their own customers, and they also chose to be there for other producers and their herds as well. The dairy industry was in flux and many farms were destroyed or moved to different areas of the country, but Vlad and Oksana worked tirelessly to provide service and deliver liquid nitrogen. While the Ukraine airport was used by the air force, they found alternative ways to get shipments through Poland and Germany so they could continue to serve producers.

“Vlad and Oksana are one of the humblest couples you will ever meet. It is always about their customers, not themselves,” expresses their nominator. “No one would go to the extent they have during a war without passion. Their dedication keeps the future open for the dairy and beef customers they serve. Nothing can stop them from providing the services and supplies desperately needed in a time of crisis. Vlad and Oksana not only deserve this award, but they need to be considered heroes.”

Core value award winner Connie Viergutz

Connie Viergutz

Accounts Payable Supervisor, Wisconsin

Connie is a true example of reliability, teamwork and demonstrating the farmer’s spirit. Not only does she work full-time at GENEX, but she and her family also own and operate a 500-cow farm. In 2022, they hosted the Shawano County Brunch on the Farm and gave community members the chance to experience a modern dairy farm and learn about agriculture. She also serves on the Shawano Fun committee at GENEX, where she volunteers her time to create and promote fun activities to enhance camaraderie between employees.

Connie’s nominator shares, “Connie is a dedicated resource in the finance department for many employees. Her calm, easy-going demeanor makes her very approachable and easy to work with. Connie has developed her team well with the same willingness to help. You will often see Connie and her team coming in early or working late to get their work done and get the bills paid. I admire her dedication to her work and to the cooperative.”

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