GENEX Awards Scholarships to Agricultural Students


Six students have been chosen to receive $1,000 scholarships from GENEX. The cooperative presents the collegiate scholarship program annually to support the next generation of agriculture industry leaders. Applicants must be pursuing degrees – and future careers – in the agriculture industry, and they must be associated with a GENEX cooperative member by having an active role on the member’s farm or ranch.

“We are proud to support our cooperative members and their future generations through the GENEX collegiate scholarship program,” states Terri Dallas, Vice President of Member Relations. “All the applicants – and especially our six recipients – exhibit a strong passion for arguably the world’s most important industry.”

She adds, “These students have not only been involved on the farm or ranch, but they are also leaders in their schools and their communities through organizations like 4-H, FFA and much, much more.”

Announcing the 2023 Scholarship Winners

Congratulations and best wishes to these six scholarship recipients. Read on to learn about each student and how agriculture has impacted their lives.

Luis Avila Vette, Watertown, Wisconsin

University of Wisconsin-Platteville, Soil and Crop Science
Career Goal: Work in the agronomy/horticulture field
GENEX Member: Vette Dairy Farm

“Agriculture means the love I have for animals, crops, plants, soil, food, farming equipment and the people who contribute to the ag industry. I work on our small family farm to help my uncle keep the family tradition of farming going. We work as a team and communicate honestly with one another to ensure all aspects of the farm run as smoothly as possible. My experiences on the family farm, FFA, 4-H, college education, club activities and my supportive family has shaped and molded me into the person I am today.”

Addison Cotton, York, Nebraska

Northeast Community College, Animal Science and Nursing
Career Goal: Cattle rancher and nurse
GENEX Member: BM Angus

“Because of my ag experiences, I learned the challenges I encountered pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me more resilient; the disappointments I’ve endured forced me to persevere and be more flexible. Life is not a solo project but most often depends on the support of those around you. I believe the path to my successful future is not about being the smartest, richest or the best but instead it’s how I react when challenges and setbacks arise. I’ve learned I will work tirelessly trying to feed the world…a challenge I’m willing to take on.”

Carmen Kuiper, Hico, Texas

Oklahoma State University, Animal Science
Career Goal: Own and operate a heifer-raising facility
GENEX Member: Kuiper Dairy

“Agriculture is an industry that provides for the world, for our country, for our communities, and for every single person. As a family that for generations has produced food for the people of our communities, the importance of agriculture has never been underestimated. The value, necessity and need for agriculture is present in nearly every conversation at our dinner table. As a group of people who invest unmeasurable time, effort and patience into producing food for the world, the importance of agriculture was always just simply understood.”

Corrin Liptak, Coleman, Wisconsin

University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, Chemistry with Pre-Vet minor
Career Goal: Large animal veterinarian
GENEX Member: SS&L Dairy

“Agriculture is my way of life. Farming has taught me the importance of family and teamwork and my family has been my greatest support system through all aspects of my life. Through the work my grandmother has completed on the National Dairy Board and Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin, I’ve learned to become a strong, independent woman. For many years women in agriculture have not been given the credit they deserve. However, I have seen hand-in-hand the incredible work they do and how I can become an advocate for other generations of young women.”

Creyton Line, Miller, Nebraska

University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Ag Economics
Career Goal: Go back to family ranch and start own herd of cattle
GENEX Member: Triangle J Ranch

“All I have known is agriculture. Ever since I can remember I have been either in the 4-H barn, riding around with my dad, or “driving” the combine from my dad’s lap. I think the best word to describe agriculture is community. People in ag are tough. Their work doesn’t always result in profit. They are often misunderstood and attacked by those who are uneducated in agriculture and their work to run a business is often underestimated and unappreciated. But we will do it anyway because we have the strength and power of the ag community to lean on.”

Sawyer Naasz, Platte, South Dakota

Iowa State University, Animal Science
& Master’s in Business Administration
GENEX Member: TSN Simmentals

“To me, agriculture is my home. In my life, God has taken me down many different paths. Still, the thing I always found, were the opportunities and people surrounding the agricultural industry. Growing up, my parents helped me fall in love with agriculture. From traveling to shows, developing friendships with people in the industry, and watching my first heifer give birth to her first calf, these experiences shaped my passion for the agriculture industry.”

Interested in Applying for the GENEX Collegiate Scholarship?

The next application period is expected to open in January 2024. Watch the GENEX Journal, Member Minute newsletter or our social media channels for the application and full eligibility requirements.

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