Sire Fertility


Consistently Create Pregnancies

GENEX offers you two state-of-the-art tools for choosing high fertility sires that consistently create pregnancies: PregCheck™ and PregCheck+™ rankings. These sire fertility ranking systems, based on farm breeding and pregnancy data, are available so you can make more informed sire selection decisions and achieve higher conception rates.

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  • PregCheck™ rankings indicate the fertility of a sire’s conventional semen.
  • PregCheck+™ rankings indicate the fertility of a sire’s GenChoice™ sexed semen.

How the rankings work

The rankings are set to a base of 100, with higher numbers being more desirable. For instance, if a bull has a 103 PregCheck™ ranking, expect conception rates to be about 3% greater than the average bull. Rankings are published once they reach the 70% reliability level.


Commitment to quality

High-fertility genetics are part of the GENEX commitment to offering you a quality product, and it’s been a long-term commitment for us. Recognizing the importance of sire fertility, GENEX began publishing rankings – called GenCheck – in 2006. In 2013, that ranking system was replaced by PregCheck™ and PregCheck+™ rankings providing you with quicker access to more accurate fertility ratings on bulls.

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