Five Years of PregCheck™ Fertility Rankings


Consistently Create Pregnancies

Five years ago, GENEX became the first in the A.I. industry to introduce a beef sire fertility ranking model and data collection process, called PregCheck™ fertility rankings.  Today we remain the only A.I. organization to offer you data-backed analysis of a bull’s frozen semen fertility. PregCheck™ rankings are an important component of our Cow Sense & Science philosophy and another way we are helping you consistently create pregnancies.


Put PregCheck™ Rankings to Work for You

PregCheck™ fertility rankings measure an individual sire’s frozen semen conception rate and are based on actual breeding and pregnancy data. The rankings use 100 as a base with every one-point change equivalent to a 1% difference in conception rate. 

For example, Bull A has a 99 PregCheck™ and Bull B has a 104 PregCheck™.  Bull A is trending below his contemporaries with a 99 PregCheck™ ranking, while Bull B is expected to perform 4% above the average conception rate of his contemporaries and 5% higher than Bull A.


PregCheck™ rankings allow you to make more informed sire selection decisions, achieve higher conception rates and gain additional profit from A.I. calves.

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