Five Years of PregCheck™ Fertility Rankings


Consistently Creating Pregnancies

Five years ago, GENEX became the first in the A.I. industry to introduce a beef sire fertility ranking model and data collection process. It was called PregCheck™ fertility rankings. 

Today we remain the only A.I. organization to offer you data-backed analysis of a bull’s frozen semen fertility. PregCheck™ rankings are an important component of our Cow Sense & Science philosophy and another way we are helping you consistently create pregnancies.

Put PregCheck™ Rankings to Work for You

PregCheck™ fertility rankings measure an individual sire’s frozen semen conception rate and are based on actual breeding and pregnancy data. The rankings use 100 as a base with every one-point change equivalent to a 1% difference in conception rate.

For example, Bull A has a 99 PregCheck™ and Bull B has a 104 PregCheck™. Bull A is trending below his contemporaries with a 99 PregCheck™ ranking, while Bull B is expected to perform 4% above the average conception rate of his contemporaries and 5% higher than Bull A.

PregCheck™ rankings allow you to make more informed sire selection decisions, achieve higher conception rates and gain additional profit from A.I. calves.

To view the GENEX Beef sire lineup, along with PregCheck™ fertility rankings, visit our e-catalog or download the GENEX Beef App.

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