RumiLife® CAL24™ Nutritional supplement

RumiLife® CAL24™ is a uniquely formulated bolus that helps fulfill a cow’s calcium needs and combat milk fever after calving. It provides her with rapid and long-lasting calcium absorption to supplement blood calcium levels. It provides you with peace of mind.

Plus, as the industry’s only once-and-done cow calcium supplement, it’s easy to incorporate into your fresh cow management program. The ingredients in RumiLife® CAL24™ allow you to give two calcium boluses at freshening, so you don’t have to catch the cow twice.*

Fight off milk fever in cows
for a full 24 hours after calving​

That first 24 hours after calving can be especially hard on your herd. Your cow’s calcium demands are increasing as is the potential for calcium deficiency resulting in milk fever. How can you help reduce her likelihood of developing clinical or subclinical milk fever? Ensure her calcium needs are covered with RumiLife® CAL24™ nutritional supplement.

RumiLife® CAL24™ includes two forms of calcium to ensure her needs are met for a full 24 hours: calcium chloride (a fast-release source of calcium) and Calmin (a slow-release calcium). Calmin is key to 24-hour coverage, as this seaweed-derived, highly available source of calcium and magnesium is absorbed over time. Simply give her two boluses at freshening – no need to catch her again 12 hours later!

Study shows calcium for cows
offers added benefits

Her health is important during each stage of life. That’s why you need a calcium supplement that not only fights hypocalcemia but also supports her overall health and wellbeing. A 2022 research study, with white paper prepared by Rod Riewer, DVM, and Essi Evans, PhD, has shown fresh cows can experience additional health and reproductive benefits when given RumiLife® CAL24™.

The study showed fewer incidents of milk fever was just one of several benefits to using RumiLife® CAL24™.

Made for Producers

Discover why these producers have chosen RumiLife® CAL24™ as their go-to cow calcium supplement.

Dan Dallmann, Brillion, Wisconsin

Mike Schildt, Pleasant Dale, Nebraska

Your trusted source of calcium for dairy cows

Over 2.4 Million Doses Sold Globally

Simple fresh cow management

This is the only calcium supplement on the market that allows you to feed both boluses at freshening, making proper compliance easier for all.*

100g of calcium

Each bolus contains calcium chloride (a fast-release source of calcium) and Calmin (a slow-release calcium source).

Calcium coverage for 24 hours

You won’t need to give her a second bolus 12 hours later because of Calmin – a seaweed-derived, highly available source of calcium and magnesium – which is absorbed over time. Plus, the added benefits of vitamin D.

Made for all dairy breeds

The bolus is tapered and coated with coconut oil and soybean oil, making it easy for all breeds to swallow.

Life is complicated. Your fresh cow protocols don't need to be.

The SIMPLE way to prevent milk fever.

Add RumiLife® CAL24™ to your fresh cow program today.

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*Please read label instructions for proper administration.