Cow Care Products

Prevention today for a
productive tomorrow

As a dedicated farmer, you know animal care is a round the clock job. And just as you have invested in the right genetics, you know the importance of investing in the health of your herd as well – and it starts with prevention. That’s why we at GENEX have carefully crafted and selected the best herd care products to keep your cattle healthy, sustainable and productive. Because prevention today means a productive tomorrow.
At GENEX, we have carefully crafted and selected products that give them the best start possible and enable them to become successful, productive members of your herd.

Pregnancy. Transition.

Lactation. Dry off.

Her health in each stage is equally important, and we want to be your herd health partner to ensure her wellbeing and keep her in the herd. After all, she – and you – are leading the way for the next generation. From proper calcium supplementation to rumen and udder health, let us help you care for her today and ensure her tomorrow. 

RumiLife® CAL24™ nutritional supplement
RumiLife® RePopPlus™ Direct-Fed Microbials
UdderLife™ OptiShield™ Teat Sealant
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