For Calves

Safeguard your herd from the inside out.

It is critical that calves establish a healthy population of microbials in the gut early on to help combat bad bacteria they might ingest during the first hours of life.

RumiLife® Pop™ and RumiLife® PopPlus™ direct-fed microbials do exactly as the name suggests: Populate the gut with high counts of CFU (colony forming units) of lactic acid bacteria that dominate the digestive tract and help your calves overcome obstacles associated with variable nutrient quality or quantity, variable weather, environmental and housing challenges, transportation and other non-routine situations.

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RumiLife® Pop™ DFM powder

These DFMs offer a proactive preventive approach to calf care. Mixing with milk, milk replacer or water at a rate of 1 gram per calf daily provides 750 million CFU lactic acid bacteria.

RumiLife® Pop™ with NeoTec4® DFM powder

These DFMs are a source of live (viable) naturally occurring microorganisms and specialized fatty acids to help elstablish microbial balance in the digestive tract when calves are experiencing non-routine situations. Mixing with milk or milk replacer at a rate of 1 ounce per calf daily provides 1 billion CFU lactic acid bacteria. 

This product is special order only, so talk to your GENEX representative today to place an order.

RumiLife® PopPlus™ DFM
capsules & paste

These DFMs give calves – especially those that face abnormal challenges at birth – an extra boost of microbials. Give one capsule per calf daily for 1-3 days at birth and times of challenges. If using paste, give 10mL (one tube) per calf daily for 1-2 days at birth or for maintenance; give 20-40 mL during times of challenges. Each 5g capsule and 10mL of paste provides 26 billion CFU lactic acid bacteria.