Let Your Voice be Heard in the Member Approved Process

At GENEX, we value the feedback and opinions of our cooperative members. We believe your voice matters, and we want to ensure our products and services meet your expectations. That’s why we created the Member-Approved process, which allows you to rate and provide feedback on specific GENEX products and services you have used.

How the Member-Approved Process Works

Through the Member-Approved process, cooperative members provide input on our products and services. It’s your chance – as a GENEX member – to shape your co-op’s current and future offerings.

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Rating the Products and Services

Cooperative members who recently purchased a particular GENEX product or service are asked to complete a short survey. This short survey consists of a few questions to gauge satisfaction with the product or service.

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Providing Feedback

In addition to the ratings, members are encouraged to provide feedback. This may include statements about the product or service used in the herd, its impacts, suggestions for improvement or any other comments they would like to share.

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All survey responses are recorded and analyzed for each respective product or service. Based on the total scores received, we calculate an overall rating for each product or service.

Member Approval

Products earning a favorable rating from more than 50% of members surveyed are deemed “Member Approved.” Member-Approved products and services are designated with a Member-Approved seal.

Empowering Our Cooperative Members

The Member-Approved process illustrates our cooperative spirit. It allows members to contribute to the collective decision-making process and help shape our current and future offerings. Member feedback helps us understand your needs better, make informed improvements, and offer products and services that align with the success of your operation.

Let Your Voice Be Heard

If you purchase a GENEX product or service, you may be invited to voice your opinion by completing a survey. If so, know that your input – as a cooperative member – is crucial in shaping the future of this organization and ensuring your cooperative continues to deliver high-quality products and services that meet your expectations.

Look for this Seal of Approval

Push™ Calf Energy Paste and Foundation™ 150 Colostrum are our first products to earn the GENEX Member Approved seal. Look for the seal of approval to be added to more products and services in the coming months!

Want more information? Email [email protected] for more on the Member-Approved process. Visit the Membership page to learn about becoming a GENEX member.