Foundation™ 150

colostrum replacer & supplement

Quality colostrum on day one is paramount to ensure a healthy tomorrow for your calves. From the moment they hit the ground, give your genetic investments the care they deserve with GENEX Foundation™ 150 colostrum replacer & supplement.

Quality colostrum is the foundation of your calves' future

Foundation™ 150 colostrum is a USDA Licensed Veterinary Biological product made with whole bovine colostrum. It can be used to replace or supplement maternal colostrum as an aid in the Failure of Passive Transfer in newborn calves.

And, it’s trusted by GENEX members. Foundation™ 150 colostrum was evaluated and rated by members and has earned the GENEX Member Approved designation. 

Your complete and convenient source of colostrum

Made with whole
bovine colostrum

Contains all the bioactive factors a calf needs: IgG, colostral fat to stimulate brown fat metabolism and thermoregulation, and lactoferrin to stimulate development of your calf’s gastrointestinal tract.

No filler

Rest assured your calves are getting nothing but the best. Contains no blood, whey, egg or other ingredients not naturally found in maternal colostrum.

USDA Licensed Veterinary Biological product

Guaranteed potency, purity, safety and efficacy. Use Foundation™ 150 to supplement or replace maternal colostrum as an aid in the Failure of Passive Transfer in newborn calves.

Clean, convenient
feeding method

Available in a Perfect Udder® bag, feeding colostrum has never been easier. Simply add warm water, shake until mixed, attach a nipple or esophageal tube and feed. No bottles. No uncertainty. No hassle. 

Whole Bovine Colostrum – nothing more, nothing less.

Colostrum is important on day one, but not any colostrum will do. It needs to be high quality and full of the nutrients needed to give your calves the best start possible. 

Be sure you are providing your calves with colostrum made from whole bovine colostrum and not fractionated products. Ask your GENEX representative about the differences between whole bovine colostrum and fractionated colostrum.

Help your calves reach their full potential with Foundation™ 150 colostrum.

Online shopping available in USA only.
For availability outside the USA, please contact your local GENEX representative.