First GENEX FeedWise™ Beef x Dairy Calf Born

A black newborn calf that is the first FeedWise calf to be born

Look who’s here!  ↑↑↑  It’s with great excitement we share that the first GENEX FeedWise™ ONYX™ beef x dairy calf has hit the ground! This FeedWise calf’s arrival marks a significant milestone as dairy producers like you are beginning to reap the rewards of this new program. Known as the industry’s first full-circle beef x dairy program, FeedWise™ ONYX™ truly is a one-of-a-kind program!

And what's a birth announcement without the stats?

Weight: 82 pounds

FeedWise™ calves average 80 pounds birth weight with a minimum pickup weight of 64 pounds.

Hair Color: Black

But it doesn’t matter! FeedWise calf pickup is guaranteed, no matter the color.

Worth the Wait!

For this calf – and all FeedWise™ beef on dairy calves – the farm received fair market value plus a GENEX credit (valued at $27).

Black FeedWise calf bounding forward

Want more from your beef x dairy program?

The new FeedWise™ ONYX™ program brings together the full circle of fertile genetics, a guaranteed calf buyer and the direct connection to the feedlot to benefit you! If you are not getting all this and a credit on top of fair market pricing for your beef on dairy calves, then now is the time to sign up and go full circle! 

Jeff Lutz Headshot

For more information, visit the FeedWise™ ONYX™ page or contact your local GENEX representative. 

Further questions? Reach out to our FeedWise™ program lead Jeff Lutz, pictured at left, via email at [email protected].


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