You are producing beef-on-dairy calves, but are you creating calves that buyers will value and that will earn you premium prices?

To get the most out of your beef-on-dairy breedings and become an integral part of the beef supply chain, you must prioritize herd planning, utilize the right genetics and establish a complete calf care protocol. Your GENEX representative is here to help you through that process and develop a beef-on-dairy breeding program that is just right for your herd and your market.

Beef bull and Holstein cow

Put your beef-on-dairy program in high gear.

Make the shift! Capitalize on your already consistent cow herd that excels in ICC™, health and moderate frames to create the ideal terminal cross.

Your complete Beef-on-Dairy Program

Through the GENEX Shift™ program, your GENEX representative will help you manage your herd size, elevating genetic progress, all while making the shift for your operation to become a valuable part of the beef supply chain.

Inventory Management

Through our array of tools, your GENEX representative can help transform your plans and goals into a breeding strategy that places selection intensity on your dairy animals and maximizes profits from all calves! It’s about helping you manage your herd inventory through the right combination of semen products for your situation.

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Choosing the Right Genetics

Choose your beef-on-dairy service sires wisely, not just any beef sire will do. Your focus should be on creating the optimal terminal cross for your buyers. That is why the GENEX Shift™ genetics prioritizes:

black calf with yellow eartag
White calf silhouette

Healthy & Identified Calves

Increase the value of your calves by focusing on what your buyers want: consistently healthy calves! The GENEX Herd Care Line and recommended calf protocols will get your calves off to the right start. Plus, documenting your care will further increase your calves’ marketability.

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Buyer Connections

We have established relationships with buyers across the USA who value feeders that perform from the start and who prefer GENEX Shift™ Beef x Dairy genetics. Let us help you connect with these potential buyers!

For more information on the Shift™ beef on dairy sires, contact your GENEX representative or email [email protected].

“By utilizing the GENEX Shift™ Beef x Dairy program, you can be even more efficient at maximizing resources and managing herd size while producing a premium product for the beef supply chain.”

– Cody Sankey, GENEX Associate Vice President, Beef Genetics