Dairies Honored for Excellence in Reproduction & Genetics

dairy cows in a barn

Join us in celebrating the outstanding achievements of GENEX members & customers around the globe, as we announce the winners of this year’s Excellence in Reproduction & Genetics awards.

These awards were first handed out in 2012, and each year the caliber of reproduction success and genetic merit have reached new and seemingly impossible levels of achievement. For example, during that first year, the winning dairies averaged a 30% pregnancy rate and 45% first service conception rate for cows. This year’s platinum award herds averaged a 36.8% pregnancy rate and a 58.2% first service conception rate.

The number of herds and the diversity of the nominations have grown over the years as well. Once recognizing only U.S. herds, nominations now come from all corners of the globe. This has led to the addition of an international award category.

Each year, once nominations from a GENEX representative or global distributor are received, individual herd performance numbers are put into a matrix calculation. The calculation considers the dairy’s pregnancy rate, service rate, conception rate, percent pregnant by 150 days in milk (DIM), sexed semen use and the genetic level of service sires, and ultimately determines the winning herds.

That brings us to this year’s winners. As you read and recognize names below, reach out and tell them congratulations! Especially now, kind words can go a long way.

Click on the platinum award winner in any category below to learn more about the dairy!

Congratulations to this year’s winners!

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500 – 2,000 Cow Category

2,000+ Cow Category

International Category

Heifer Category

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