Make Every Day Girls’ Day

It’s no secret that the dairy economy – now more than ever – requires you to have a keen eye on profitability. Are you using the right tools and resources to implement the perfect strategic breeding plan that ensures every straw counts?

Heifer supply is short.

There are few things more important on your farm than a heifer calf. With the current short supply and high replacement costs, now is the time to ensure you are elevating your best genetics and maximizing heifer calves from those matings.

Fertility you can count on.

Genetic progress comes to a halt if conception doesn’t occur! At GENEX, we use superior technology to evaluate semen with uncompromised standards in quality control. With the highest standards in the industry, GENEX semen creates more pregnancies.

Compare, and the decision is easy.

We lean on our experience as fertility leaders to bring you GenChoice™ sexed semen with the only data-backed fertility rankings in the industry. PregCheck+™ fertility rankings are based on actual breeding and pregnancy data and are set to a 100-base system, meaning a value of 100 is average. Every one-point difference is equivalent to a 1% difference in conception rate (see scale below).

Interested in adding GenChoice™ sexed semen to your breeding strategy?

For information on GenChoice™ sexed semen availability, contact your local GENEX representative or complete the form below to have a representative reach out to you.

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