UdderLife™ OptiShield™ Teat Sealant

She has two months to relax before delivering the next generation and working hard in the milking herd. Let her rest easy during the dry period with UdderLife™ ​OptiShield™ teat sealant.

This sterile, antibiotic-free, off-white, smooth paste aids in the prevention of new intramammary infections throughout the dry period by providing a barrier in the teat canal.


Prevention today for a productive tomorrow.

The streak canal is the mammary system’s primary line of defense, yet studies show that at about 7 days after dry off 50% of quarters fail to produce an adequate keratin plug, and 10-23% of quarters fail to form a keratin plug at 42 to 50 days after dry off.1 No keratin plug means she’s susceptible to new bacteria entering her teats, which can lead to mastitis. When UdderLife™ OptiShield™ teat sealant is administered, it settles in the lower portion of the streak canal, forming a physical barrier that mimics the cow’s own natural keratin plug.

4g of prevention is worth $128 of mastitis protection.

You were called to be a caretaker. You work tirelessly to protect your herd’s wellbeing as well as your bottom line. That’s why protecting her during the dry period is crucial.

Did you know?

50-60% of all new mastitis infections occur during the dry period.1

What does clinical mastitis cost you?

The cost of a new case of clinical mastitis averages between $128 and $444.2 Subclinical mastitis can cost up to $110 per cow annually.3

Should you use a teat sealant if you already use dry cow therapy?

Using an internal teat sealant along with intramammary dry cow therapy can reduce new dry cow infections by 25%.4

Give her an extra shield of protection during the dry period.

UdderLife™ OptiShield™ contains 4g of intramammary infusion composed of 65% bismuth subnitrate in a mineral oil base. The partial insertion tip allows for consistent application and less error of placing the tip too far inside the teat. Plus, the tube contains minimal amount of air to help prevent air bubbles when administered, forming a solid plug seal in the streak canal.

You invest in the right genetics
to ensure good udder health.
Now protect them.