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Beef farmer? Dairy farmer? As a dairy producer in today’s world, you likely wear both hats. By utilizing a combination of dairy GenChoice™ sexed semen and beef semen, you can create your next generation of high genetic merit herd replacements while also creating beef on dairy terminal cross calves – both of which are in high demand in the current market!

Jeff Lutz, beef on dairy program lead with GENEX, emphasizes the need to tap all income sources on today’s modern dairies. He states, “The black cross calves are a nice revenue stream for dairy farmers and a must for any progressive operation.”

Beef on Dairy Goes Full Circle

There are a lot of beef semen options out there, but what’s right for you, your herd and your protocols? Where will you get fair market value (plus an added credit) for your beef cross calves now and in the future?

The new FeedWise™ program available through GENEX is the industry’s first full-circle beef on dairy program. It’s the complete solution giving you access to an exclusive proven Leachman Stabilizer™ semen blend. Data shows these genetics create terminal cross calves that perform. In turn, the resulting calves have a guaranteed buyer, giving you both peace of mind and profitability. As you can see, GENEX and its larger URUS family designed the FeedWise™ program to connect all the moving parts – genetics, distribution system, calf buyers, growers and feeders – into one full circle system.

black beef on dairy calf with FeedWise logo
The FeedWise™ beef on dairy program includes proven genetics that perform and drive farm profitability.

Proven Genetics, Buyer Backed

Using the semen blend offered through the FeedWise™ program gives you opportunity for a unique (and hard to beat) contractual partnership with GK Jim Farms, a premier calf buyer and cattle feeding organization. This calf buyback agreement between you and GK Jim Farms – referred to as the ONYX™ program – ensures you will earn fair market value for your calves no matter the ups and downs of the market. As a bonus, you also earn a GENEX credit for each calf that moves through the FeedWise™ ONYX™ system.

Jason Storm of Storm’s Oasis Dairy in Nevada is an early user of the FeedWise™ and ONYX™ programs. He shares, “We get paid [for calves] every week with prices shadowing the local market. We are receiving four times more than what we made raising our own calves.”

The semen used within the FeedWise™ ONYX™ system is specifically chosen for its ability to generate the highest quality beef cross calves for the feedlot and, thereby, providing profits back to you. The semen is from a proprietary line of cattle, known as Stabilizers™, that has been developed over the last 30 years. It is a multi-breed composite developed by Leachman Cattle in Colorado. A blend of Angus, Red Angus, Gelbvieh, Simmental and South Devon breeds, Stabilizer™ cattle feature a unique combination of muscle and marbling. They are also known for improved feed conversion rates, higher fertility, increased longevity and hybrid vigor. Additionally – and important to you – these genetics are the perfect complement to dairy females; they exhibit standout calving ease, shorter gestation length, high conception rate and impressive calf health and vigor.

Choose FeedWise™ and Go Full Circle

When you sign up for the FeedWise™ program, you are taking the guesswork and stress out of your beef on dairy breeding. As a full-circle system, the FeedWise™ and ONYX™ programs help you create the right kind of beef on dairy terminal cross animals while putting your mind at ease with a guaranteed calf buyback.

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