Nutritional Supplement

A uniquely formulated bolus that helps fulfill the cow's calcium needs.

You have done the work. You prioritized the right genetics, got that heifer calf, raised her right and bred her to continue genetic advancement in your herd. Now she is ready to calve and continue that well-tuned efficiency and profitability, but have you given her every chance to succeed post-calving and become a successful member of the milking herd? Is she prepared to withstand hypocalcemia (aka milk fever) – one of the biggest challenges facing cows today?

Your once and done calcium supplement, RumiLife® CAL24™, helps replenish her low calcium levels. The formulation allows for two boluses (one dose) to be given immediately at freshening, providing her with 100g of calcium. With three calcium sources for full 24-hour coverage and vitamin D to help maximize absorption, she will be well on her way to warding off milk fever and entering a successful lactation.

It’s these factors that make RumiLife® CAL24™ – a product suggested by producers and made for producers – their go-to calcium supplement product, with over 1 million doses sold globallly!

Talk to your GENEX representative to place an order, or purchase RumiLife® CAL24™ online today via the button below.

Your once and done calcium supplement.​

RumiLife® CAL24™ nutritional supplement is a calcium supplement suggested by producers and made for producers. It provides rapid calcium absorption, supplements blood calcium and provides peace of mind. 


This is the only calcium bolus on the market that allows you to feed both boluses one time, making proper compliance easier for all!

Calcium chloride, a fast-acting calcium; calcium carbonate, a medium-acting calcium; and a slower releasing Calmin.

Calmin is a seaweed-derived, highly available source of calcium and magnesium that is absorbable over time; it is a sustained slow release. RumiLife® CAL24™ nutritional supplement also contains magnesium and vitamin D to help regulate and maximize calcium absorption

Bolus is tapered and coated with coconut oil and paraffin wax.

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