NuLife® Oral Electrolyte


NuLife® Oral Electrolyte is an oral electrolyte supplement specially formulated for calves to help combat dehydration due to scours.

This supplement contains glycine which is a key amino acid vital for absorption of electrolytes. When fed to calves this ingredient works to replenish lost fluids, electrolytes and energy. NuLife® Oral Electrolyte can be mixed with milk, milk replacer or water.

Administer one pouch twice daily to two days. Continue feeding milk or milk replacer for efficient recovery and provide water at all times. Four 100g pouches equal one treatment.

Sold by box of 16 100g pouches (1 box contains four treatment doses). Also available in a 44 lb. box which contains two 22 lb. bags at 100 feedings each.

Weight N/A

100g Pouch, 44 lb. Box

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