Genesis Colostrum


Genesis 150 Colostrum Replacer is designed to be fed instead of maternal colostrum and be fed as the calf’s first feeding within two hours after birth. Each replacer feeding features 150g of globulin protein and comes in the Perfect Udder® package.

Each case contains 6 bags with 6 disposable feeding tubes. Optional feeding nipple for the Perfect Udder® package also available for purchase.

Genesis Multi Colostrum Replacer & Supplement comes in a 13.2 lb pail with a measuring cup allowing for the flexibility of mixing up either a replacement or supplement feeding in the producer’s own bottle.

Each pail contains enough product to mix up 12 replacer feedings or 36 supplement feedings.


Genesis Multi Colostrum Replacer and Supplement, Genesis 150 Replacer, Genesis Colostrum Nipple

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