Calf Nutritional Paste

Jumpstart and support your newborn calves.

When you find that depressed calf that hasn’t nursed all day, you have one chance. Make it count.

Push™ calf nutritional paste is a blend of highly digestible proteins and energy components developed to help your calves overcome disease challenges and low energy reserves. Push™ contains globulin proteins and high energy components and has a balanced blend of two key colostrum components: peptides and cytokines.

While Push™ does not replace colostrum, it is complementary and can help increase the energy and antibodies absorbed from colostrum.

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Give your calves the Push™ they need.

Derived from bovine colostrum, Push™ contains maternally derived globulin proteins and bovine colostrum fat. These key ingredients can help get calves on their feet quickly.


Provide Push™ calf nutritional paste to newborn calves when:

Put Push™ paste to work on older calves as well! Any calf that is depressed or less alert, recovering from disease or infection, not consuming adequate feed and acting lethargic, or has been transported can benefit from Push™ calf nutritional paste.