Once and Done Calcium for Your Fresh Cows

cow with calf

Giving birth is no simple task. This is true for nearly all species, including cattle. Bringing new life into this world is a miracle, but behind the awe and beauty is a mother who struggled for hours, giving her all.

While it is important to properly care for a newborn calf, it is also important to ensure the mother receives the care she needs as well. Giving birth takes a lot out of a cow – including calcium.

Proper calcium levels in a cow are crucial, especially post-calving. During the transition period, cows can need 4-10 times more calcium to finish developing a calf, produce colostrum and begin milk production. This drastic increase in calcium demand within a short period of time can cause calcium deficiency and lead to  hypocalcemia (aka milk fever). Hypocalcemia can lead to increased injury, decreased feed intake, increased risk of ketosis, increased risk of displaced abomasum and lower milk production. Therefore, preventative measures should be taken to reduce the possibility of hypocalcemia.

Driven by members’ needs for a product to help combat hypocalcemia, GENEX released RumiLife® CAL24™ nutritional supplement. The only “once and done” calcium supplement on the market, it is a uniquely formulated bolus used to promote adequate calcium levels in transition cows. The formulation allows for two boluses (one dose) to be given immediately at freshening. Administering two boluses consecutively and not having to catch the cow 12 hours later means less stress on the cow and less stress for you and your employees. 

One package (two boluses) contains 100 grams of calcium, making it one of the highest single-serving calcium supplements available today. Three forms of calcium are provided: calcium chloride, a fast-acting calcium; calcium carbonate, a medium-acting calcium; and a slower releasing Calmin. Calmin is a seaweed-derived source of calcium that is absorbable over time; it is a sustained release, meaning the cow is covered for 24 hours. The boluses also contain magnesium and vitamin D to help regulate and maximize the calcium absorption.

RumiLife® CAL24™ nutritional supplement is a calcium supplement suggested by producers and made for producers. With over two years on the market, members have appreciated the convenience and efficacy of this product. 

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