New Sires Added to Robust Holstein Lineup

14100-Bomaz Frazzled Yatzee

With the December sire summary, 17 new releases joined our Holstein lineup, which includes elite genetic rank, pedigree diversity and exceptional Ideal Commercial Cow™ (ICC$™) index offerings for any operation!

1HO15255 BONANZA is a Frazzled son with a no-holes pedigree. He carries impressive genetic index values (+1263 ICC$™, +2830 TPI® and +1022 LNM$) while also featuring a +2.04 Udder Composite (UDC), and elite +2.0 Daughter Pregnancy Rate (DPR) and +8.0 Productive Life (PL). He earns a top 20 rank in three of the ICC$™ sub-indexes: Health (HLTH$), Fertility & Fitness (FYFT$) and Production Efficiency (PREF$).

Another new Frazzled son is 1HO14100 YATZEE. He debuts as the ICC$™ index leader (+1275) and transmits impressive udders (+2.03 UDC) while being A2A2.

1HO14107 MILLENIAL, a leading udder improver at +2.92 UDC, earned a +1271 ICC$™, +2840 TPI® and +1007 LNM$. He has an outstanding HLTH$ and FYFT$ sub-index rank, a +2.4 DPR and is A2A2.

1HO14138 ORDEAL joins the lineup as another high-ranking ICC$™ index sire (+1244). He will transmit progressive commercial genetics with his +1753 Milk and +142 Combined Fat & Protein (CFP). Look to ORDEAL to improve health traits across the board while also moderating frame size.

1HO15184 LIFEFORCE, a bull previously activated as a Genomic Giant, is a Marius son with a +1172 ICC$™. He also comes in at +1030 LNM$. Use LIFEFORCE to improve component percentages and add yield (+172 CFP) while also improving daughter fertility (+0.7 DPR).

1HO15075 GIBBS and 1HO15183 LITEUP are both newly activated Marius sons. GIBBS slots in at +1203 ICC$™ and is an industry leader for longevity at +9.1 PL. He will improve both udders (+2.39 UDC) and component percentages. Likewise, LITEUP is an udder specialist at +2.06 UDC. He joins the lineup at +1202 ICC$™ and +975 LNM$.

1HO14115 SUPERFLY, a Genomic Giant released last month, carries impressive values across the board. This Radical son is A2A2, +1115 ICC$™ and will improve component percentages along with yield (+149 CFP).

New release 1HO14139 MADBOY can be used anywhere with his low Sire Calving Ease (4.4%) and outstanding rank for the ICC$™ Calving Ability (CABL$) sub-index. With an ICC$™ index value of +1138, MADBOY will sire problem-free commercial cows that are sure to put milk in the tank (+2141 Milk).

Other Highlights
1HO12786 PILEDRIVER had another impressive day on the industry lists. He now stands at +984 ICC$™ and +2674 TPI® while topping the charts for milk production (+3368 Milk) and yield (+213 CFP).

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