New Sires Added to Robust Holstein Lineup

Holstein Highlights

The April sire summary brings you nearly 30 new-release Holstein sires. These sires check a diverse set of boxes. From elite ICC$™ rank to exceptional component and milk yield, GENEX has the genetic solutions you are looking for!

Learn About Proof Changes!

The April proofs includes many changes, including a genetic base change, model changes to the calving ease calculations and an updated TPI® formula. Before proceeding, learn more about these changes.

3 Ways to View the Lineup

With the health and safety of all in mind, GENEX dairy proofs have gone digital, meaning you will not receive a printed Holstein catalog. You can access updated dairy proofs on the GENEX website and GENEX Dairy Bull Search app. Catalogs and investment guides are available to download from

Leading the GENEX new releases is 1HO14255 FLEXTIME at +983 for ICC$™. This Frazzled son carries a balanced genetic profile with +991 Milk, +89 Combined Fat & Protein (CFP) and +2.4 Daughter Pregnancy Rate (DPR). He can also be used with confidence in heifer pens with his low 6.4% Sire Calving Ease (SCE).

1HO15055 FORTNITE is a new release that checks all the boxes. He stands at +980 ICC$™ with an industry-leading +2973 TPI®. A2A2 beta-casein and a diverse pedigree (Positive x Frazzled) means he’s an easy addition to your breeding program.

Another Positive son, 1HO15203 MUSCLE UP, joins the lineup at +782 ICC$™. He is a component specialist at +173 CFP and improves component percentages as well.

1HO15270 SPIRIT, also a Positive son, debuted at +885 ICC$™. He improves milk quality with a low +2.67 SCS, offers good component pounds, is over +1,000 on Milk and can be used in heifer pens (6.9% SCE).

1HO15045 Fairmont Kzo RANCOR-ET

1HO15045 RANCOR leaps into the active list with an impressive +970 ICC$™. An exciting KANZO son, he is over +1100 pounds of Milk with +115 CFP. RANCOR will also improve longevity (+6.4 Productive Life) and daughter fertility (+1.7 DPR).

1HO15074 FIDDLESTIX, with his +956 ICC$™, is a calving ease specialist (5.8% SCE) backed by a no-holes pedigree. He’s got health traits covered, with his elite rank on the ICC$’s Health (HLTH$) sub-index, a +1.5 DPR and a +7.0 Productive Life (PL).

1HO15087 PUMPED is the new udder specialist slotting in at +940 ICC$™. He has a +2.29 Udder Composite (UDC) and ranks well on TPI® at +2832. This Marius son can be used anywhere with his low SCE (6.4%) while also improving daughter fertility (+1.9 DPR).

1HO15298 MAUNEY, a leading DPR sire at +2.2, joins the lineup at +924 ICC$™. His elite PL (+7.8) makes him an easy choice to add longevity to your herd.

New Polled Sires!


1HO15266 SHUEY-P is an exciting new polled sire. With a diverse pedigree, he slots in at +696 ICC$™ and +2633 TPI® while improving udders at +1.43 UDC.

Two additional polled sires joined the lineup as well: 1HO15252 EWOK-P (+729 ICC$™), a standout polled production leader at +1833 Milk, and 1HO15352 DIRTEATER-P (+626 ICC$™) with strong component percentages.

A Genetic Star

The well-known previously active and daughter-proven sire 1HO12786 PILEDRIVER had an impressive day! He now stands at +713 ICC$™ and +2786 TPI® while being a chart-topping sire for Milk (+3127) and component yield (+191 CFP). To top it off, he’s above average for sire fertility with a 101 PregCheck™ ranking.

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