New Holstein Releases Add to an Impressive Lineup

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With a focus on balanced genetics, we are excited to release 18 new active sires. From elite ICC™ rank to polled options, GENEX is home to the kind of genetics that will help you and yours achieve your next generation of success.

There’s a new leader for ICC™ at +1039. 1HO15551 NEXTWAVE offers great component percentages, outstanding +7.9 Productive Life (PL) and big +2.2 Daughter Pregnancy Rate (DPR). Plus, he’s A2A2

New release 1HO15461 BREAK EVEN is much more than his name portrays! This sire is an all-round leader with his +967 ICC™ and +2931 TPI®. He is also a Type specialist (+1.41) with exceptional udders (+1.72 Udder Composite). With more than +1500 pounds of Milk, +130 pounds of Combined Fat and Protein (CFP) and positive component percentages, BREAK EVEN has your production needs covered for the next generation.

1HO15517 CURFEW is an exciting new outcross sire that leads our lineup for Lifetime Net Merit (NM$) at +798. With a balanced genetic profile, CURFEW offers over +1200 pounds of Milk with +135 pounds of CFP. This A2A2 sire also improves daughter fertility (+0.8 DPR), increases longevity with a +5.7 PL and improves udders (+0.86 UDC).

1HO15427 SCRAPPLE comes in with a leading +2883 TPI®: he brings great production (+131 CFP) while also improving daughter fertility (+2.1 DPR) and longevity (+7.4 PL). 1HO15407 FAVORITO writes a similar genetic profile. FAVORITO improves A2A2 yield (+140 CFP) and daughter fertility (+1.2 DPR). Released previously as a Genomic Giant, 1HO15465 KANDY KRUSH officially joins the lineup at +889 ICC™. 

1HO15478 BREAKDANCE debuts at over +1600 pounds of Milk with +148 CFP making him an easy option to improve yield. At +872 ICC™, he offers overall genetic progress while also improving udders and component percentages.

If looking for tank-topping production, then 1HO15367 VARVATOS is your guy! This sire offers +2200 pounds of Milk with +166 pounds of CFP. He is +801 ICC™ and +2803 TPI®.

New Polled Genetic Options

Two balanced homozygous polled sires are now available in 1HO15359 DASHSPOT-PP and 1HO15353 BERZERK-PP. They slot in at +714 and +571 ICC™ respectively. Both are great options to improve udders, component yield, and Fat and Protein percentages. They join our already industry-leading polled lineup.

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