Mixed Breed Sires Now Available

mixed breed at bunk

Over the past five years, breed influence in the U.S. dairy cattle industry has evolved. The genetic influence of the Jersey breed has grown, and the Jersey generation is here. In fact, at GENEX, Jersey semen units have grown to over 20% of total dairy units.
Along with this evolution has come an increased recognition and appreciation of the F1 HoJo cow (defined as a Jersey x Holstein cross or Holstein x Jersey cross). This cow is a favorite with those who have utilized simple crossbreeding or those who have converted from Holsteins to Jerseys. Due to the popularity of the F1 cow, producers have also shown a desire to utilize F1 sires. In fact, looking at the 2018 industry demographics, 99% of U.S. dairy cattle on DHI are coded as Holstein, Jersey or crossbred genetics.1

In April 2019, the Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding (CDCB) began releasing genomic evaluations for crossbred animals. Simply stated, these evaluations are based on a weighted combination of the purebred populations. This opened the door to use of mixed breed sires on commercial dairies, as many progressive commercial producers were looking for additional Holstein and Jersey genetic lines. To meet this need, GENEX is pleased to now offer a Mixed Breed product line.
Several Mixed Breed sires are now available with more to come. Genetic evaluations on the Mixed Breed sires can be found in both the Holstein and Jersey sire directories as well as on the GENEX website and app. It is important to note the Mixed Breed genetic evaluations are calculated on the CDCB Jersey genetic base.
Please contact your GENEX rep for details on which Mixed Breed sires are available for you.

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