Industry-Leading Jersey & Mixed Breed Sire Lineup Released

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With the December sire summary, GENEX added eight new Jersey or Mixed Breed sires. Focusing on commercial profitability, these Jersey and Mixed Breed additions are sure to add elite profit to any operation with their impressive health traits and no-hole genetic profiles.

1JE07044 TAVARIS {4} leads the new Jersey sires for Ideal Commercial Cow™ (ICC$™) index rank at +708. This son by ACHIEVER {3} is also +591 CM$ and +19.5 JUI™ while slotting in at +6.6 Productive Life (PL). Use TAVARIS {4} to improve component percentages, daughter fertility (+0.2 Daughter Pregnancy Rate) and as an A2A2 specialist. He is 90 BBR.

1JE07032 CORDARO {4}, another ACHIEVER son, is a CM$ leader (+613) and ICC$™ index specialist (+698). He will add yield (+1171 Milk, +111 CFP) from fabulous udders (+24.3 JUI™). He is 91 BBR and A2A2.

1JE01132 ETERNITY-UR debuts at +694 ICC$™. This Deluca son is a milk quality leader with a low +2.68 SCS and is 83 BBR.

1JE01142 ELLSWORTH {4} joins the lineup at +640 ICC$™. With an outstanding +20.4 JUI™, he can be used to improve udders, daughter fertility (+0.4 DPR) and longevity (+5.1 PL). He is 88 BBR and A2A2.

1JE07002 MILLER {4} is an exciting CESPEDES {3} son at +626 ICC$™. With an impressive Fat percentage (0.21%), MILLER {4} is also +113 CFP, A2A2 and 93 BBR.

A Viceroy son rounds out the new Jersey sires. 1JE07022 MIXUP {4} is +610 ICC$™, over +1600 pounds on Milk and slots in at +118 CFP while also being A2A2.

Mixed Breed Highlights

Two new Mixed Breed sires – both VANDRELL {2} sons – joined the lineup and will add profitability to any herd. 1XD01135 UNDERDOG-UR comes in at an impressive +806 ICC$™ and leads the lineup. He stands at +126 CFP with over +1600 pounds of Milk and offers a +1.3 DPR and low +2.73 SCS. UNDERDOG-UR is 42 BBR.

1XD01146 ONEWAY-UR offers a similar genetic profile at +797 ICC$™, +2414 Milk, +1.3 DPR and +2.75 SCS. ONEWAY-UR is 40 BBR.

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