Holstein Lineup Provides Ideal Genetics For Modern Dairies


Impressive Industry-Leading Additions

From elite ICC$™ rank to sires that transmit exceptional component and milk yield, GENEX is excited to add 28 new sires to the active lineup! The new releases also include an outstanding offering of polled and homozygous polled sires.

Leading the ICC$™ list at +988 is new release 1HO15382 LETS GO. This AltaCabot son carries a balanced genetic profile with +127 Combined Fat and Protein (CFP), impressive component percentages and +6.3 Productive Life (PL). With a +1.04 Udder Composite (UDC) and a +809 Lifetime Net Merit (NM$), he is sure to fit any operation.

1HO15343 SIMPLIFY is another AltaCabot son with an impressive +822 ICC$™ and +802 NM$. With over +1000 pounds of Milk and a +174 CFP, he is an easy choice to improve production.

A great option to improve yield is 1HO15317 NO EXCUSE. Joining the lineup at +986 ICC$™, he is over +1300 pounds of Milk with +125 pounds CFP! Plus, he’s an udder specialist with a +1.54 UDC. 

1HO15132 DAWSONITE is an exciting early son of 1HO13844 GAMECHANGER. His balanced genetic profile includes +963 ICC$™ and elite +7.5 PL along with positive DPR and component percentages. 1HO15130 GUNSHIP is another GAMECHANGER son that writes a similar genetic profile. He slots higher for yield at +154 CFP and +1236 Milk.

1HO15383 COMIX debuts with an impressive +914 ICC$™. A leader for production, he is +133 CFP, over +1000 on Milk and maintains over a point on UDC.

With a diverse pedigree, 1HO15300 BIG BAD, an AltaMilestone son, earned a +841 for ICC$™. His standout +1.79 UDC is sure to create impressive daughters.

New Polled Options

With seven new polled or homozygous polled options, GENEX is becoming the industry leader for all your polled sire needs!

1HO15272 BLUZ CLUZ-P checks all the boxes! His elite +866 ICC$™ value, industry-leading +2810 TPI® and +1.04 UDC are an impressive combination. He also carries an extreme Fat percent (+0.24%) and maintains +119 CFP.

1HO15418 DAVINE-P is an A2A2 AltaDelson-P son joining the list at +869 ICC$™ with a +1.28 UDC. 1HO15254 SIMPSON-P is a second AltaDelson-P son with a similar genetic profile; he is +1.49 UDC and A2A2 as well.

1HO15417 OZARK-P is a unique offering being a polled GAMECHANGER son. He is +769 ICC$™ and a leader among polled sires on the TPI® chart (+2803). Adding in his impressive +2.03 UDC, he is a must-use in any breeding program.

Looking for a polled guarantee? Choose from two new homozygous polled options in 1HO15271 NOTICE-PP and 1HO15321 MAGIC BALL-PP. Both carry impressive udders at +1.09 UDC and +1.23 UDC, respectively, while also maintaining great health traits.

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