Every Calf Deserves a Healthy Start

Black baldy calf in pasture

From the moment each calf is born, you work tirelessly to ensure they remain healthy, productive and growing. In fact, their wellbeing is your top priority because you know they are the foundation of the future. Calving season is just around the corner, now is the time to make sure you have everything on hand to get the next generation off to a healthy start.

GENEX Calf Care Kits include everything you need to get several calves off to the right start and it all comes in an easy to carry and refillable bucket.

Kits include:

  • 1 bag Foundation™ 150 natural bovine colostrum – Your quick, clean colostrum source made from whole natural bovine colostrum in a convenient Perfect Udder® bag.
  • 3 tubes Push™ calf nutritional paste – A blend of highly digestible proteins and energy components developed to help your calves overcome disease challenges and low energy reserves.

  • 4 tubes RumiLife® PopPlus™ direct-fed microbials – Populate the gut with high counts of CFU (colony forming units) of lactic acid bacteria that dominate the digestive tract and help your calves overcome abnormal challenges.
  • 4 packets NuLife Oral Electrolyte – Help combat dehydration due to scours by replenishing lost fluid, electrolytes and energy.

Click the link below or contact your local GENEX representative to order your Calf Care Kit and give your calves the healthy start they deserve.

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