Diverse Sires Added to Jersey Lineup

The Darling Hotel

The GENEX Jersey and Mixed Breed lineups offer performance and productivity while excelling in health and sustainability. With 11 new sires, our herd genetic line contains the genetics you need today to create successful generations tomorrow.

Industry-leading new sire 1JE07141 RAZOR SHARP lives up to his name with a big +594 ICC™, +138 JPI™ and +546 CM$. This Viceroy out of a Got Maid possesses a great daughter-proven pedigree and will improve yield at +114 Combined Fat and Protein (CFP) while also improving component percentages and longevity (+4.1 Productive Life).

1JE07045 ENLITE joins the active lineup at +546 ICC™ and +539 CM$. ENLITE debuts as a JPI™ leader with a +3.4 JUI™. He is also an A2A2 sire that will improve component percentages.

New release 1JE07136 INNOVATE slots in with an outstanding +530 ICC™. This full herdbook sire is a leader in DPR at +1.4. Use INNOVATE to improve udders (+4.4 JUI™).

Leading the Mixed Breed lineup is new release 1XD07164 NOJOKE-UR. An AltaExplosion out of a JX Priapus {3}, he is A2A2, over +900 pounds of Milk and slots in at +94 CFP. With an outstanding +3.7 DPR, he is a great choice to improve daughter fertility.

New Polled Genetic Options

1JE07175 JEUDY-P {5} officially joins the lineup at +487 ICC™ and +417 CM$. This MR CHAVEZ {4}-P son is an udder improver (+7.3 JUI™) while also improving daughter fertility (+0.4 DPR).

Another MR CHAVEZ {4}-P son, 1JE07140 CAPALDI-PP {5} is a great polled guarantee. He is +301 ICC™ and carries an impressive +6.9 JUI™ value.

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