Diverse Jersey and Mixed Breed Lineup Features Balanced Genetics

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GENEX is excited to announce 10 Jersey or Mixed Breed sires have been added to the lineup. These new sires check a diverse set of boxes featuring elite yield, impressive health traits and standout fertility.

1JE07110 KLEERLY {5} earns a spot at +549 ICC$™. With a balanced genetic profile, he will improve Milk (+631), component yield at +73 Combined Fat & Protein (CFP) and udders (+3.6 JUI™).

1JE07054 LINDORZ {4}, a high-ranking ACHIEVER {3} son, debuts at +543 ICC$™. He is a standout for daughter fertility at +1.9 Daughter Pregnancy Rate (DPR) and an udder improver with a +8.4 JUI™.

1JE07108 TORYN {5} is the complete package sire. He offers production (+84 CFP), is positive for DPR and carries a +5.1 JUI™. At +523 ICC$™ and +124 JPI™, he will be an easy fit in any operation.

1JE07105 LONG {5} comes in at +520 ICC$™. With a +115 JPI™, this ZINC {5} son will improve udders (+5.1 JUI™) while also improving daughter fertility (+0.9 DPR).

1JE07183 ZOOMERANG {4} is a fresh option for herds with his diverse pedigree: AltaRozier {3} x Priapus {3}. ZOOMERANG {4} joins the lineup at +496 ICC$™, is an elite component percentage improver (0.10% Protein, 0.17% Fat) and is +5.7 JUI™.

1JE07104 ABUBU {4} is your go-to sire for elite udders (+15.7 JUI™). With positive Milk, component percentages and DPR, he is an easy option to improve the next generation.

1JE07225 SILVER is a new full herdbook sire with a +477 ICC$™. Count on him to improve daughter fertility with a leading +1.4 DPR and for optimum cheese production (+400 Cheese Merit).

Mixed Breed Highlights

With a growing demand for Mixed Breed sires, GENEX adds to an already diverse lineup. These new sires will fit any operation, offering a balance of elite production and moderate frame size while improving fertility on the next generation.

1XD07151 ENSEMBLE-UR makes his debut at +627 ICC$™. This AltaExplosion is out of a WORLD CUP {4) dam and offers leading diversity. With a +3.2 DPR and balanced A2A2 production, he is an easy fit for any operation. ENSEMBLE-UR is 49 BBR.

1XD07158 MULTIPLIER-UR, an AltaSohot out of a USAIN BOLT {3}, checks the production boxes at +97 CFP. Being nearly +1300 pounds on Milk, carrying an A2A2 status and earning a +1.5 DPR, he is a great option. MULTIPLIER-UR is 45 BBR and +621 ICC$™.

1XD07166 DEJAVU-UR is your easy option to improve daughter fertility with his leading +3.6 DPR. At +594 ICC$™, he will also provide balanced A2A2 production (+74 CFP). DEJAVU-UR is 50 BBR.

Check out the full GENEX Jersey and Mixed Breed lineups, including more great new releases, by clicking the buttons below!

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