Putting strategy into Your strategic breeding Program

To develop a sound and profitable strategic breeding program – including use of beef semen, conventional dairy semen, sexed dairy semen and/or embryos – you must examine your options and gain insight before enacting changes. GENEX provides all the tools you need to make this happen and is there to support you along the way.

Learn more about the programs below.

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Calf MathSM Program

Consider your goals for the future and then compare the impact of implementing different breeding strategies using the Calf MathSM program.

This program enables you to test different semen usage strategies and view how those strategies affect your future animal inventories, herd genetics and, ultimately, your farm financials. You can test using different percentages of conventional, sexed and beef semen to determine which combination best fits your farm’s future.

Access a simple version of the program via the button below. Click here for instructions. A more detailed version of the program, including genetic value and financial impact projections is available from your local GENEX representative.

Sort-GateSM Program

The Sort-GateSM program helps you identify which animals to get replacements from and which to breed for other purposes (or not at all). It’s your customizable female sorting tool!

Offered exclusively through GENEX consultants, the Sort-GateSM program ranks each cow, heifer or calf based on genomic data, pedigree information and/or on-farm performance data. Once ranked on an index that best meets your needs – i.e., a customized index or industry index – females can be sorted for different breeding purposes. For instance, based on the sort, you may designate a portion of low genetic merit females for beef semen and other high genetic merit females to be bred with GenChoice™ sexed semen.

If interested in utilizing the Sort-GateSM program, contact your local GENEX representative or email

Beef x Dairy Program

In today’s world, you need to maximize profitability from all parts of your operation and that means also creating profitable beef on dairy terminal calves. To make the most of your beef on dairy matings, the GENEX Beef x Dairy program pinpoints beef sire options that meet both your needs and end-processors’ needs.

The program features Angus, Simmental, SimAngus™ and Limousin sires that produce homozygous polled and homozygous black (coat color) calves. The designated sires also possess the genetic traits processors require and calving ease and fertility which are a must for your operation.

Semen blends are a highlight of the Beef x Dairy program. Blends mean the straws contain semen from multiple sires (of the same breed). The semen blends have been proven to improve PregCheck™ fertility rankings and therefore give you optimal opportunity to increase conception rates.

Contact your GENEX representative for more on the Beef x Dairy program.

ProspectiveSM Program

The ProspectiveSM program is your solution to determining the most appropriate sexed semen product to use in your herd. As more sexed semen options have become available – with differing fertility and price – it has become more difficult to decide which product provides the most return for your dairy. That’s why GENEX created the ProspectiveSM program.

The program is a free, Microsoft Excel-based, value-added tool to help you develop effective strategic breeding programs that include the use of sexed semen. To utilize the Prospective program, click the button below. For your convenience program instructions are included on the Directions tab found on the bottom of the file.

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