Maximize Your Matings

GENEX offers a full suite of mating programs to maximize genetic progress in your herd. Take advantage of the traditional MAPSM program, which provides bull recommendations for each cow to make the ideal mating, or other programs developed with the simple goal of controlling inbreeding within your herd.

Learn more about the programs below. Then contact your local GENEX representative to discuss which option is best for you and your dairy.

Photo of Holstein Cattle Feeding

MAPSM Program

Match each female to the sire that creates the most ideal mating for your herd with the Mating Appraisal for ProfitSM or MAPSM program. In existence since 1966, the program has evolved to include flexible dairy mating options for any herd scenario – commercial, show type or grazing – and it allows you to incorporate your genetic goals to the mating formula. Count on the MAP program to:

  • Manage inbreeding
  • Control haplotypes and recessives​
  • Increase herd longevity
  • Offer unmatched flexibility in sire selection
  • Minimize sire summary information overload
  • Assist you in controlling semen inventory
  • Put you in control of achieving your breeding goals

QuickMateSM Program

As the name implies, the QuickMateSM program is your quick and easy way to acquire dairy mating recommendations that control inbreeding.

An alternative to the MAPSM program, this program only focuses on controlling inbreeding. It evaluates inbreeding for three generations (requires pedigree information) and reports which sires to mate a female to in order to limit inbreeding to 3.125% or 6.25%.

In addition to a detailed herd mating report by female, the program generates a summary report indicating which sires were used in the matings and their usage level. Rely on the QuickMateSM program when you want positive matings without a full genetic evaluation and/or when positive matings are needed in a hurry.

BOLTSM Program

The BOLTSM program addresses your concerns about dairy cattle inbreeding. It scans each cow’s pedigree to identify close relationships between the cow and your chosen list of mating sires, and then reports the bulls NOT to use in order to limit inbreeding (those that would result in an inbreeding level greater than 3.125% if mated to a specific cow).

These negative matings can be provided for an individual animal or your whole herd (by pen, lactation or other grouping) as long as pedigree information is available.

BOLTSM program recommendations are easily imported into your dairy management software.

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