In Jersey Calves

Breeding for a Healthier Herd

Healthy cattle that transition well, breed back easily and last in the herd positively impact your bottom line. For that reason, GENEX is and always has been dedicated to ongoing genetic improvement in health traits. This dedication led us to develop the ICC$ index and a propriety health trait for Jerseys known as Calf Survivability.


Photo of cattle in fence

Calf Survivability (CSRV)

This health trait brings awareness to genetics that instill hardiness and survivability in newborn calves, which is a continual area of concern for Jersey producers. Demonstrating its significance, our research database shows approximately 6.5% of Jersey calves die between days 2 and 120 of age.

What you need to know …

  • The breeding value for CSRV is set to a base of 100, with higher values more desirable.
  • It reflects the percent of female calves that survive past 120 days of age (excluding calves sold).
  • You can expect about a 5.5% difference in calf survivability between daughters of a 105 CSRV sire and daughters of a 95 CSRV sire.
  • CSRV is based on Jersey-specific information in the GENEX research database.
  • CSRV is a component of the Sustainability (SUST$) sub-index within the ICC$™ index for Jerseys.
  • Selecting sires via ICC$™ will help to improve your Jersey calf survivability.