Create Ideal Commercial Cows for Your Progressive Dairy

The Ideal Commercial Cow (ICC$™) index is your tool for creating Jersey cattle that maximize component yields and are healthy and reproductively efficient.

The index is comprised of traits that directly impact your bottom line, and its sub-index makeup provides you opportunity to target your genetic selection to specific areas of herd management.

When targeting genetic selection, select bulls on their overall ICC$™ index value and then place emphasis on a sub-index.

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The ICC$™ index for Jerseys includes three sub-indexes: Cheese Maximizer (ChMAX$), Sustainability (SUST$) and Fertility (FERT$). Keep in mind you’re building on genetics for the future so consider the genetic needs of your herd for the coming years.

Learn more about each sub-index and its components below:

ICC$ Sub-Index Pie Chart
ICC$ Sub-Index Pie Chart
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Cheese Maximizer (ChMAX$)

Focuses on component yields and provides equal weightings on both Fat and Protein. Unique among Jersey indexes, the ICC$™ index is neutral on milk and instead focuses on the total Combined Fat and Protein yield.

  • 50% Protein
  • 50% Fat
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Fertility (FERT$)

Contains five measures of cow and heifer fertility. This sub-index includes the proprietary trait Age at First Calving (AAFC) to meet the needs of producers looking to emphasize reproductive efficiency. Selection of bulls with high FERT$ rankings results in optimal age at first calving, reduced days open and shorter calving intervals.

  • 50% Daughter Pregnancy Rate
  • 25% Heifer Conception Rate
  • 15% Cow Conception Rate
  • 5% Age at First Calving
  • 5% Fertility Haplotypes

Sustainability (SUST$)

Is made up of traits for improved, sustainable health and longevity. Among the traits is a new proprietary trait, Calf Survivability (CSRV). Also included are udder traits that have an impact on culling rate (Udder Depth, Udder Cleft, Fore Udder and Teat Length). Selection for the SUST$ sub-index emphasizes udder health, longevity, functional udder traits and calf survivability. These are all critical to keeping animals healthy and in production.

  • 35% Productive Life
  • 15% Udder
  • 14% Livability
  • 12% Calf Survivability
  • 12% Somatic Cell Score
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