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The ICC$™ index is your tool for identifying genetics that excel on today’s modern dairy farms. It’s comprised of traits that directly impact your bottom line, and its sub-index makeup provides you opportunity to target your genetic selection to specific areas of herd management.

When targeting genetic selection, select bulls on their overall ICC$™ value and then place emphasis on a sub-index.

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The ICC$™ sub-indexes include: Production Efficiency (PREF$), Health (HLTH$), Fertility and Fitness (FYFT$), Milking Ability (MABL$) and Calving Ability (CABL$). Keep in mind you’re building on genetics for the future so consider the genetic needs of your herd for the coming years.

Learn more about each sub-index and its components below:

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ICC$ Sub-Index Pie Chart

Production Efficiency (PREF$)

Pinpoints genetics resulting in high yielding cows with lower feed costs. Emphasis is placed on pounds of protein. Use of PREF$ and the ICC$™ index reverses the trend for taller cows.

Fertility & Fitness (FYFT$)

Emphasizes reproductive efficiency. Bulls with high FYFT$ rankings result in optimal age at first calving, reduced days open and shorter calving intervals.

Calving Ability (CABL$)

Focuses on live calves born without difficulty. High-ranking CABL$ sires with high ICC$™ index values can maximize genetic progress in heifer pens while ensuring an easy transition into the milking string.

Health (HLTH$)

Breeds for improved, sustainable health and longevity. High-ranking HLTH$ bulls have daughters with proper body condition, low somatic cell scores and excellent locomotion. With inclusion of CDCB health traits as part of Transition Health, this sub-index also selects for fewer cases of ketosis, metritis, displaced abomasums and retained placentas.

Milking Ability (MABL$)

Optimizes efficiency with trouble-free milking cows. It includes mastitis resistance, milking speed and temperament, and ideal commercial udder conformation and function. Ideal udders have strong attachments; are above the hock; and include proper teat length.

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